Twitch has removed the subscribe button for streamer ItsSliker amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding the Twitch partner. Sliker has been the subject of numerous allegations in recent weeks related to scamming fans and fellow streamers, even confessing to his wrongdoings earlier this week. The controversy has been a hot topic across both Twitch and YouTube as many of the platforms' top creators have given their stance on the situation, including some of those who were scammed by the streamer. Now, Sliker's partner status with Twitch seems to have been revoked.


Fans and viewers on Sliker's channel were quick to notice the streamer's subscribe button had disappeared Tuesday night with Twitch seemingly revoking his partner status. The removal from the Twitch partner program comes after Sliker has been accused by several streamers of scamming them out of money to fuel a gambling addiction. The change comes not long after Twitch revealed sweeping overhauls coming to its policy surrounding online gambling, barring creators from streaming gambling on sites like No confirmation has been given whether the revocation was from Twitch or by request from Sliker.

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Twitch's decision to change its policies surrounding gambling reportedly came as a result of streamers "circumventing the platform's rules" about sharing links to gambling sites. While Twitch did not address any specific creators it found to be in violation, many fans were quick to connect the change to the growing controversy surrounding Sliker. Other top streamers on the platform including xQc and Trainwreck will also be affected by the new policy with both creators heavily featuring gambling on their streams.

While Twitch has just recently made the gambling change, the shift comes after several creators have called out the platform for not addressing the issue. Top Twitch talents like Pokimane and Amouranth have previously railed both Twitch and their fellow creators for featuring gambling on stream. Creators like Asmongold and Mizkif have both expressly refused to do gambling streams in the past, with Asmongold's rally against gambling in games reaching US Senator Ted Cruz. The gambling ban on Twitch is set to be enacted on October 18, just under a month after its announcement.

The gambling ban was only the first of a pair of controversial changes from Twitch announced throughout the past week. The Amazon-owned platform announced on Wednesday a major change coming to the way Twitch manages its revenue split for partnered streamers. Twitch revealed its top streamers will no longer see the full 70/30 split it had previously offered its biggest creators, instead switching to 70/30 for the first $100,000 and 50/50 after that. Major changes look to be in store for Twitch as a platform heading into the last months of 2022.

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