A talented Pokemon fan has created an impressive piece of fan art of a mecha version of Lugia, and it is receiving plenty of attention for it online. While the Pokemon online fan community is no stranger to showing drawings or sculptures of their favorite creatures in a different art style or appearance, this dedicated fan has created a highly imaginative image that could spawn a new subgenre style in the fandom.

A dual-type Psychic/Flying Legendary Pokemon from the long-running franchise's second generation, Lugia's popularity first exploded after starring in Pokemon the Movie 2000. One of the few Pokemon to not be created by the Game Freak design team, Lugia has quite a remarkable history, although a mecha version has never been part of it - at least until now.


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The ornate drawing of the Mecha Lugia was created by Reddit user u/shunixe, who posted their undeniably impressive art to one of the bigger Pokemon forums on the site. The Mecha Lugia retains the Pokemon's original color scheme of white and blue while adding a dark gray around its core and underside of limbs. Blue hexagonal armor plates encase the majority of its vitals, with selective yellow accenting parts of Mecha Lugia's body throughout. Those who look closely will notice several clever little details, including the serial number of 0000249, a reference to Lugia's Pokedex number of #249.

Posed in a confident stance, the Mecha Lugia looks like it can take on anything, a sentiment shared by several of the original post's comments. Gundam and Horizon Zero Dawn comparisons aside, the artwork is clearly a hit with fans, garnering well over 1,000 upvotes within 24 hours of posting. While Mecha Lugia is certainly a unique take on the Pokemon, this actually isn't the first time u/shunixe has drawn a mecha-fied version of them. The same artist drew another version of a Mecha Lugia earlier this year, which adheres a bit more closely to Lugia's original design.

The same artist has created a number of Pokemon in their distinctive mecha art style. Other drawings include Sylveon, Umbreon, Rayquaza, and the Legendary dog trio, including a particularly impressive Mecha Raikou.

While combining Pokemon and the mecha art style may be thought of as relegated to fan art, there is official merchandise that exists that combines the two, at least to a degree. Figurine manufacturer Hard Shell Studios revealed a Mecha Godzilla Pikachu last year, which features the Pokemon mascot outfitted with what looks like a Mecha Godzilla exosuit. The Mecha Godzilla Pikachu puts on his best angry face, though still looks adorable in the metallic armor. While extremely unlikely, the growing trend of mecha Pokemon could serve as inspiration for a distinctly different spinoff game.

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