Calvin Lee Vail, aka LeafyIsHere, revealed on September 12 that he had recently been arrested for failure to pay a speeding ticket. The content creator has remained somewhat under the radar since his channel LeafyIsHere was banned from YouTube in August 2020 for bullying and targeted harassment of Twitch personality Pokimane.

Leafy’s YouTube channel had a subscriber count of nearly 5 million. It seemed logical, therefore, that the content creator try his hand at Twitch after the termination of his YouTube account. However, the controversy followed him to that platform as well, and LeafyIsHere’s Twitch account was banned only three weeks after his removal from YouTube. A year later, an attempt to return to the red platform with a different account was also terminated after only a few days.


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LeafyIsHere’s presence on other social media has likewise not faired well, with Twitter also suspending his multiple accounts. He has maintained a small presence on Instagram, though, on which he recently spoke about his September 12 arrest. According to an Instagram Story, LeafyIsHere said that he had spent a few days in jail after being pulled over. The cops discovered that he had an unpaid speeding ticket and immediately arrested Leafy and had his car towed.

Though the Instagram Story has since disappeared, a clip of it was saved and can be found via Streamable, linked below. He concluded the brief story by saying that staying in jail was not a fun experience and he wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. The caption on the video says, “h3h3 might be responsible,” a callback to the longtime feud the content creator had with YouTuber Ethan Klein of h3h3Productions. LeafyIsHere also shared an image on his Instagram of him exiting the jail a few days later.

Even the deletion of his channel from YouTube was controversial, coming as it did after reportedly zero strikes or warnings. LeafyIsHere had created 12 videos targeting or insulting Pokimane in some form, and the social media platform decided to issue one channel strike for each video. So without warning, LeafyIsHere suddenly had 12 strikes against his account, while only three within 90 days are required for channel termination.

When LeafyIsHere’s YouTube channel was deleted, Pokimane had to clarify that she had nothing to do with the platform’s actions, which she also had to claim after drama with JiDion resulted in him permanently being banned from Twitch. However, for many people, LeafyIsHere’s channel being removed may have been alarming but not necessarily surprising. The content creator had been embroiled in controversy for years, making as he did commentary videos that covered and sometimes added to the drama on the platform.

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