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Moonscars Review

The gorgeous pixel art and dark themes within Moonscars help make it an enjoyable action-platformer by new developer Black Mermaid.

Session: Skate Sim Review

Session: Skate Sim is a hardcore skateboarding simulation experience that falls flat by simply forgetting to be a skateboarding simulation game.


Circus Electrique Review

Circus Electrique combines strategy, resource management, and exploration to create an intriguing but demanding adventure with heart.


Beacon Pines Review

Beacon Pines offers a quirky gameplay hook, pleasing art style, and an unexpected mystery, but that might not win over more than a select group.


Tinykin Review

Tinykin is a Pikmin-style adventure that oozes charm while swiftly guiding players through an intricately crafted world.


Immortality Review

Immortality is a one-trick pony when it comes to gameplay, but there's a brilliant story buried beneath its hundreds of film clips.


Tower of Fantasy Review

Tower of Fantasy does very little to stand out from other gacha games and can't find its footing in either gameplay or story, making it quite a mess.


Hindsight Review

Hindsight explores the dream-like memories of a broken family, weaving music, art and game design to tell a story of loss and discovery.


Thymesia Review

Thymesia draws heavy inspiration from Bloodborne to mimic the Soulslike experience with misguided innovations.


MultiVersus Review

MultiVersus is a fun, competitive twist on the Super Smash Bros. formula with an extremely bright future ahead of it.


Saints Row Review

Saints Row has its moments, but the game is weighed down by ugly graphics, bad shooting, and a story full of obnoxious characters.


Soul Hackers 2 Review

Soul Hackers 2 delivers a well-crafted experience that, while familiar, still carves a path of its own in the many entries of the SMT Franchise.


Cult of the Lamb Review

Cult of the Lamb takes the best aspects of the rogue-lite and town-building simulators to deliver a unique experience that enhances both genres.