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Global Tremors, Jobs Dominate the Week

There’s little relief in sight for the frayed nerves of investors and economists as the fourth quarter begins.
Tim SmartOct. 3, 2022

Rising Infections Prompt Worries

COVID-19 waves in Europe have often predicted future increases in the U.S.
Cecelia Smith-SchoenwalderOct. 3, 2022

Government Rankings

Measuring government performance.

U.S. News Unveils 2022 Best Countries

The country reclaimed its spot atop the list after a one-year hiatus, while the United States moved up again in the annual rankings.
Elliott Davis Jr.Sept. 27, 2022

The 10 Most Corrupt Countries

Russia tops the list of countries seen as most corrupt, according to U.S. News’ 2022 rankings.
Brianna NavarreSept. 27, 2022


Photos You Should See - Sept. 2022

U.S. News photo editors curate this month's most compelling images from at home and abroad.

National News

Supreme Court to Weigh Voting Rights

An Alabama redistricting dispute will likely provide a major test of how the high court will treat the Voting Rights Act.


Biden Stands Apart From Trump

Biden's tour of storm damage in Puerto Rico was markedly different from Trump's visit after Hurricane Maria five years ago. And so was his pledge of support.

National News

Rising Europe Infections Prompt Worries

COVID-19 waves in Europe have often predicted future increases in the U.S.

Best States

States Feeling an Economic Pinch

Nearly half of households in Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas are finding it at least somewhat difficult to cover their expenses, according to Census data.


The 10 Worst Presidents

Not all U.S. presidents are missed once they leave the White House.


Political Cartoons

Editorial cartoons on politics, current events and international news.

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