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Political News You Can Use® from the states to the Capitol.

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House GOP Rolls Out Midterm Pitch

The pitch, largely absent of specific policy, leans heavily on critiques of the nation’s current state – from inflation to immigration to crime.

Biden Takes on Putin in U.N. Address

'If nations can pursue their imperial ambitions without consequences, then we put at risk everything this very institution stands for – everything,’ Biden said.

Biden Dismisses DeSantis’ Migration Ploy

The president said sending migrants back to certain countries is ‘not rational’ and seemingly dismissed the recent immigration relocation moves by Florida’s GOP governor.

Georgia Voters See People, Not Party

In nationally watched races for governor and Senate, polling suggests voters in Georgia are comfortable splitting the ticket – an unusual development in an era of highly partisan politics.

The Week in Cartoons Sept. 19-23

A court battle over documents seized from Donald Trump continues, as Americans increasingly feel the sting of high prices and immigrants get shuffled across the country.

Dems Come Home to Biden

The president’s approval ratings had been in the basement for much of the year, but after a string of wins he is getting higher marks from Democrats as they work to keep control of Congress.

Trump Gets a Win in Documents Probe

A federal judge ruled that the Justice Department cannot continue its examination of classified documents seized from the former president until they are reviewed by a neutral third party.

Biden’s Approval Ratings Surge

Rising approval ratings follow several recent political victories for the president and his party.

Pro-Trump Nominees Give Hope to Dems

Trump-backed Republicans nominees are expected to have a hard time attracting independent and moderate voters in midterm elections, leaving Democrats optimistic as primary season ends.