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RUMORS of an affair between Adam Levine and another woman made their rounds on the Internet and were met with mixed reactions from users.

Adam, his wife Behati Prinsloo, and Instagram influencer Sumner Stroh were caught in a tangled web that went on to become the subject of several social media memes.

Web netizens questioned Adam Levine's actions after he supposedly sent messages of a sexual nature to a number of womenCredit: Getty

What is the 'that body of yours is absurd' Adam Levine meme?

In September 2022, several of Adam Levine's DM's to Sumner Stroh went viral on social media.

In the exchanges, Adam supposedly wrote to Sumner: "It is truly unreal how f*****g hot you are. Like it blows my mind.

"I need to go rub one out. Then my head will be clear. I often think about when you used to get me into that place where I literally would stare and drool and do whatever you told me.

"You are 50 times hotter in person. And so am I hahahah."

He reportedly sent similar texts to other influencers such as Maryka, Alyson Rosef, and Alanna Zabel that supposedly read: "I'm now obsessed with you.

"I may need to see the booty. How do you have such an hourglass figure."

The DMs further read: "Watching your a** jiggle on that table will permanently scar me but otherwise I'm amazing.

"I'd do anything for it. I'd buy it a steak dinner and whisper sweet nothings into it.

"Holy f**k. Holy f****ng f**k. That body of yours is absurd."

Since the Instagram DM's were leaked by Sumner and the other influencers, users on the web have taken the thread of messages to repurpose them for their own memes.

On Twitter, one user quipped: "i think we can all agree that 'i may need to see the booty' is something we should carry with us from this adam levine scandal, it is truly a gift and we need to incorporate it into the lexicon.

A second person posted a picture of Geoffrey Rush's character from Pirates of the Caribbean and mimicked Levine by tweeting "I may need to see the booty."

The reported DM's revealed by Sumner Stroh, Maryka, Alyson Rose, and Alanna Zabel went viral onlineCredit: TikTok/sumnerstroh

Another user tweeted: "If someone ever slid into my DMS saying 'holy f**k. holy f*****g f**k. that body of yours is absurd' a screenshot would go on the internet immediately so my friends and I could make fun of him.

"That woman is so strong for keeping it to herself for as long as she did."

"We’re all loving the DMs Adam Levine sent that say 'holy f**k that body of yours is absurd,' but let me tell you about another 'holy' hottie whose earthly Body was so absurd that he invited his believers to eat of his flesh and drink of his blood. let’s all open our bibles to..." posted another netizen while comically repurposing Levine's texts to refer to Jesus Christ.

What happened between Adam and Sumner?

The accusations began when online vlogger and influencer Sumner Stroh took to social media to reveal that she was supposedly romantically involved with married singer Adam Levine.

On September 19, 2022, Sumner posted a clip of herself on her TikTok page and shared her side of the story.

In the video, the influencer displays Instagram DM's between herself and Levine while claiming: "I was having an affair with a man who’s married to a Victoria’s Secret model.

"At the time, I was young, I was naive, and, I mean, quite frankly, I feel exploited.

"I wasn't in the scene like I am now, so I was definitely easily manipulated."

She added: "I never wanted to come forward because obviously, I know the implications that come with doing what I do, making money the way I do, and being an Instagram model.

"I wanted to handle this privately. I mean...my morals were unknowingly compromised. I was completely manipulated."

The Maroon 5 frontman denied the affair rumors and responded on Instagram: "A lot is being said about me right now and I want to clear the air.

"I used poor judgment in speaking with anyone other than my wife in ANY kind of flirtatious manner.

"I did not have an affair, nevertheless, I crossed the line during a regrettable period in my life."