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THE View moderator Whoopi Goldberg has admitted she “should probably never do the show again” during an awkward live moment on Thursday.

The 66-year-old has made the admission after producers forced her to clarify a joke that didn’t go over too well.

Whoopi Goldberg made a joke on The View that didn't go over too well with producersCredit: ABC
She was forced to clarify to viewers that she was only joking and 'nothing more than that'Credit: ABC

After returning from a commercial break, Whoopi revealed she had something to clarify following some behind-the-scenes conversations she had just had.

Looking a bit annoyed, the moderator said: “Before I do this introduction, I need to make clear that I was doing what I do as a comic. Sometimes I make jokes. 

“And, it was a joke. Nothing more than that. 

“I just got a whole conversation about people misunderstanding the joke.”

She continued sarcastically: “I mean, OK. I should probably never do this show again if this is what it’s coming to. 

“No. It was a joke, guys.”

Once she had gotten her forced explanation out of the way, Whoopi said she was excited to move on to the “amazing conversation” that was next on the show’s schedule.

The View fans immediately took to Twitter to first share their confusion, as many didn’t know what joke she was practically apologizing for.

One viewer asked: “Which joke was she referencing? I’m confused.”

Another insisted: “I’m watching and don’t what joke she is talking about!”

A third wondered: “What was the joke? I missed it”

“I still don’t understand what joke they are upset about,” a fourth wrote. “I didn’t see or hear anything offensive. What is happening??”

Others pointed out that it seemed to be about a joke she’d made earlier in the show about Lindsey Graham.

During a discussion about abortion and marriage rights, Whoopi made an awkward joke implying that the senator’s gay.

A guest on the show, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, wondered: "Senator Graham said maybe about a month ago, in early August, that he believes, when it comes to marriage, when it comes to abortion, it's for the states to decide. 

“So, Senator Graham, what changed?"

To which Whoopi cracked a joke seemingly about Lindsey’s sexuality, saying: "Well, maybe he's getting married? 

“Do it quick, because I know people are fooling around with our marriage rights, wherever you stand.”

After the discussion ended and they had all moved on, Whoopi was forced to explain to viewers that she was joking, to appease the producers who had spoken to her about it.

Fans were furious over this, though, and came to the comedian’s defense.

One sarcastically asked: “So are these idiot producers of #TheView gonna make Whoopi take a timeout for telling jokes?”

A second upset viewer tweeted: “So the Control room and producers are bugging.. #AuntyWhoopi who I don’t agree with most of the time.. she definitely wasn’t off with that joke..”

A third wondered: “Wait who complained about Whoopi's joke!!! It was BRILLIANT! 

“Stop making her apologize for unnecessary s**t! #TheView”

“If this keeps happening with Whoopi, I will stop watching The View,” another angry fan promised.

She admitted she 'should probably never do this show again' if having to explain her on-air jokes is 'what it's coming to'Credit: ABC
Fans came to Whoopi's defense over the awkward momentCredit: ABC