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World News Insights 1-3 Minute Gist

Ways of Using Lyrarc

Ways to use LyrArc Ways for quickly accessing information on a topic using Search-

Think of all the pieces in media, that includes internet, television, and print,  as small footprints in many trails for a diverse and huge number of topics and sub topics. When you search we give you the footprint articles in the order of importance based on date, considering how widely read or emailed, originality of content based on human expert's careful reading of content, relevance and insight, for each of many sides to that topic.

Each of these sides or angles to a topic form an individual group. You can tell which angle it is or which side of the topic it is just by reading the title  of the group. When you search for terms - Britain and European Union, refugees, VW emissions, Syria or Iraq, just to mention a few rolling  issues, you get a whole set of groups for each topic covering different angles or sides of each topic.  Explore these individual groups at any point you choose by picking the side or angle shown in the group you pick. The articles selected by experts are shown and you can see the gist of important articles in the narrative for that topic. At that point you can go back to other groups that are related to this group and explore them in the same way to get a sense of the drift of the narrative, and get a sense of which area to explore based on your interest. 

LyrArc search brings up articles and groups, links, going back to 2006 with gist, context and insights.

Our unique structure of G-C to I  (Gist to context to insights)- Using groups and links we can navigate useful information in the media with ease going from gist of an article to context that is seen in a group timeline of articles on that topic. This enables one to search easily and get insights for that topic. Links take this a step further giving a particular insight by drawing a connection between two articles on a topic or sub-topic.

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We took a different way to help millions around the world build educated informed mindsets that affects and shapes their lives. For a future that is open, global and digital, with everyone having access to high quality information. We believe in the renewal of America, renewal of Europe, the renewal of India, the rest of Asia, Latin America and Africa. The renewal of our supply chains, health, education, infrastructure, as we rebuild our countries after the pandemic. Literacy and knowledge we believe cannot thrive and grow in a world of web bots, web crawlers, or AI. This requires human curiosity, human learning, and human imagination. We take as inspiration the saying- “One has to be free, and as broad as sky. One has to have a mind that is crystal clear, only then can truth shine in it.” Every contribution whether big or small is precious- in this crisis and ahead.

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