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Our Credo

Letter to our readers in the Americas, in Europe, Africa, and Asia (about our Credo).

People of the world, in the Americas and Australia- people young and old who are children of immigrants or children of children of immigrants going back generations, let your imaginations soar. Providence has shaped our experiences in the Americas and Australia from the first beginnings of the voyages of discovery.   From Sevilla in Spain, consider Juan Sebastian Alcano as he set out in 1519 for the first circumnavigation of the world, with the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans being navigated and mapped through every successive encounter, disaster, and adventure. In North America consider George Washington's miraculous survival on the night of December 28, 1753, after delivering a British governor's letter to a French commandant, and spending a night on the ice of a frozen river on the wild frontier. Only Washington with the help of providence could give the new United States a sound beginning- from that night on a frozen river to Yorktown in 1781- with exceptional courage and character. Providence in the sailing of the ship Hermione from France to aid Washington in 1780. With providence and the spirit of discovery we believe comes a openness to new ideas and respect for people of all nations, and for all who have made the journey westward or eastward across oceans or skies. We take as part of our credo: "Fear to do ill, and you need fear Nought else.  - Benjamin Franklin Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. - George Washington

Washington reminds us today from his draft of the first inaugural address in 1789 ( setting our common global beginnings in democratic forms of government) that- "I rejoice in a belief that intellectual light will spring up in the dark corners of the earth; that freedom of enquiry will produce liberality of conduct; that mankind will reverse the absurd position that the many were created for the few." And that "If the blessings of heaven showered thick around us should be spilled on the ground or converted to curses, through the fault of those for whom they were intended, it would not be the first instance of folly or perverseness in short sighted mortals."   Washington warns about  avarice, greed and folly. He never tired in telling his countrymen that "there is no truth more thoroughly established, than that there exists in the economy and course of nature, an indissoluble union between virtue and happiness, between duty and advantage, between the genuine maxims of an honest and magnanimous policy, and the solid rewards of public prosperity and felicity." When I was young I read about Lincoln, even lugged along with me the volumes of Carl Sandburg on Lincoln; as I grew older I read Washington, was inspired by and learned from Washington. In the twenty first century the message of Washington provides truths for our challenges. No one exemplifies character forged on the frontier in the way Washington (and Humboldt) did to set us on this road we are on.

Our site name LyrArc for navigation by constellations was inspired by Walt Whitman's nighttime account of passing down the Sanguenay river on the frontier in Quebec. Jefferson, and Lincoln a century later, expressed the vision for these United States, yet it was Washington who set the example through strength of character for all to follow.  Washington's message provides a lesson that can shape our common global destiny in the twenty first century, unite many continents and guide future generations- the importance of virtue, duty, liberality of conduct, and the good of the many. From Europe we have the words from Germany of Wilhelm Von Humboldt, who explored new frontiers further south-  "The grand leading principal towards which every argument directly converges, is the absolute and essential importance of human development in all its diversity." Alone under the stars on the HMS Beagle, the Englishman Charles Darwin, in another one of these voyages, found serenity in Humboldt's vision of science and humanity.

The Federal Republic of Germany was founded on these principles only in 1949 after the missed opportunity of 1848, the Fourth Republic in France in 1946 and the Fifth in 1958, Spain and Eastern Europe's democratic form even more recent; in Asia- India and Japan's democratic form so recent after 1947, China's quasi-democratic form after 1980, Korea still incomplete-  the plant of democratic forms of government and its roots are fragile, each victory after traumatic experiences, only showing it needs our constant and vigilant care and tending.  In a world that is much less aware today of the value and importance and our obligations to future generations, of a shared future; we want to emphasize in our news coverage the shared values of societies, nations, and cultures- the civility and vision from Washington to Humboldt.

Our global coverage of all topics on business, the economy, politics and government, society, technology, from 2005, is based on upholding this vision, and hope it will find the little explorer inside you. You will find it through the Search for topics that interest you, through Browsing of the sections on the site Renewal America, Renewal Europe, Early Warning, Current Focus, and can customize your personal preference for topics. Our sections Renewal America, Renewal Europe, were inspired by the words to our Creator in Psalms 51, 12 : "Create me in me a clean heart; and renew a right spirit within me."  In the words I later found on a card at the cathedral in Lyon, France-  "Cree en moi un coeur pur, o-Dieu; en racine en moi un espirit tout neuf."  Our Early Warning section covers the things, the actions, that created the opposite effect, or posed risks to our common future.   During the faulty mortgage caused global financial crisis of 2008 LyrArc search shows little towns in Norway such as the seaport of Narvik affected badly and needing to worry about  schools and care for elderly, the same in a small Ozark town of Springfield, Missouri, about 40 percent of Ukraine's economy destroyed, China in a downward spin, and the underground economy of places such as Manekchowk, Ahmedabad, India, hit badly. You will find names such as Patrick Barta (Manek Chowk), Mark Landler (Narvik), David Stern (Ukraine), Anton Troianovski (Missouri), and many others, who provided exceptional reporting. We believe that if financial genius can do such things with the help of technology, much can be done with the help of technology in the other direction reaching the same small towns in Norway, reaching China and India, and other places about a common future. 

In the twentieth and twenty first century we have through repeated and difficult struggles made great strides in this direction,  yet every couple of decades or fifty years it is necessary and vital to our future to reaffirm these common human values and ideas, remind ourselves, so that we do not regress. We take it as our work to do so with coverage of topics over 10 years since 2005 offering important context, providing gist where appropriate, and focussing on insights, all based on this vision. For people who are TLDR or ELI15 we have put the gist in the titles of the groups and links, omitting needless words, making it easy to follow and use. Also calling out leaders in business, government, politics, society, technology, where appropriate, and for merit where deserved. With Google Translate for the first time you can access good content about your world in your own language. We hope you will join us both as users and in this journey from Sydney, Shanghai, Tokyo and New Delhi,  to London, New York, Sao Paulo, Paris, and Berlin, and from Narvik to Springfield. Furthest south in the Americas there is a lyric (Lima Quintana) with the words:   A la huella, mi tierra, tan trasnochada, yo te dare mis suenos, dame tu calma (A la huella, my land, so worn out from lack of sleep, I will give you my dreams, give me your calm." ) Only now this land is not just the vast prairies of the Pampas, but many lands and peoples. And in today's world of globalized societies/networks and linkages it is all about nurturing our interdependence and building good societies. Never forgetting that what is not nurtured has been lost, and can again be lost.

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We took a different way to help millions around the world build educated informed mindsets that affects and shapes their lives. For a future that is open, global and digital, with everyone having access to high quality information. We believe in the renewal of America, renewal of Europe, the renewal of India, the rest of Asia, Latin America and Africa. The renewal of our supply chains, health, education, infrastructure, as we rebuild our countries after the pandemic. Literacy and knowledge we believe cannot thrive and grow in a world of web bots, web crawlers, or AI. This requires human curiosity, human learning, and human imagination. We take as inspiration the saying- “One has to be free, and as broad as sky. One has to have a mind that is crystal clear, only then can truth shine in it.” Every contribution whether big or small is precious- in this crisis and ahead.

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