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The obvious question posed by our users as they see LyrArc is about "who we are." Lyr and Arc are the first three letters of stars in constellations used by ocean voyagers for navigation in an earlier era. As a news site we see ourselves as America's lighthouse to the world, offering gist, context, analysis and insights from media coverage by important news outlets. In a broader sense in our globalized world we see ourselves a a global lighthouse, with America's partner the European Union, its Asian partners, and are expanding offering of gist, context, analysis and insights from important news outlets in these places. We have special browsing areas Renewal America and Renewal Europe and Early Warning for today's relevant issues, along with the usual Top News Stories and Current Focus.

We take out the clutter and noise in today's news coverage, focusing on what really matters outside of the momentary in reader's lives. In our global coverage we identify with user aspirations from different regions and places in the global community. Through our unique structure for information we offer the gist of important news articles, and articles picked by experts, not by some mindless web crawler. We reflect on each piece of news or events with objectivity and integrity, and using groups and links provide a larger context- to enable users to draw meaning and insights. Our user community can use the Search feature and obtain better results because information is carefully selected and organized by experts. The groups for a topic are designed to cover the many different angles to a news topic, so our user community can easily find what side interests them most. Groups also offer context for a topic. Links offer a connection between important articles for a topic or sub-topic. You can read more about groups and links in "About Groups and Links."

We are also aware of the responsibilities of good media coverage, as enshrined on the walls of one of America's great universities and a 1947 postage stamp- "this country and its press will rise or fall together" -though we see this with a mindset much broader- the world with its globalized societies/networks and its news media to inform the public will rise or fall together. We see newcomers as essential to the renewal of the press and media, bringing fresh perspective and energy, not hesitant to try out new ideas, and exploring the new possibilities created by technology. We hope you will join our community of users.

Founder and Editor, Shailen Banker, brings the a curiosity to learn in a changing world and a creative spirit to journalism.  He brings a passion to simplify complex news topics in understandable 1-3 minute readable Gist with vital Context through Groups/Links. Combining this with a passion for other things related to healthy living from food and travel to sports and yoga.

His education covers humanities and journalism in India, advanced graduate studies in business management and international business at Kellogg School- Northwestern, Temple. International experience includes work as Teaching Fellow of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts, in the Latin American program, Business Analyst- Xerox Canada and Tosco Corporation, TQM consultant/ Instructor.  He has 3 patents on the links and groups structure he developed as an innovation to add context, depth, for today’s information.  This counters distortion and distractions in news information with the innovative 1-3 minute Gist and Groups/ Links Context for 2006-2020.



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We took a different way to help millions around the world build educated informed mindsets that affects and shapes their lives. For a future that is open, global and digital, with everyone having access to high quality information. We believe in the renewal of America, renewal of Europe, the renewal of India, the rest of Asia, Latin America and Africa. The renewal of our supply chains, health, education, infrastructure, as we rebuild our countries after the pandemic. Literacy and knowledge we believe cannot thrive and grow in a world of web bots, web crawlers, or AI. This requires human curiosity, human learning, and human imagination. We take as inspiration the saying- “One has to be free, and as broad as sky. One has to have a mind that is crystal clear, only then can truth shine in it.” Every contribution whether big or small is precious- in this crisis and ahead.

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