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First Letter from the Editor

Dear reader,

As I write this first letter to readers, I want to convey what essentially this news site is about. I think back to how things were then and how they are now. What is missing today is a sense of hope and optimism about the future compared to the early postwar period. There was much less - no ipads or iphones, radio took the place of television especially if you were in Asia- much less of everything we take for granted, but there was hope, optimism about the future, a sense of can do and endless possibilities. And it was a rising tide for all groups in society even in the parts of Asia and Africa newly decolonized, in Latin America, and in Europe and America rebuilding following the war. A singular feature was the broader consensus to do good and to do right, a larger sense of public spiritedness in politics and society.

This is what we need today. And this is the missing part of the puzzle in our lives that this internet site news site sees itself filling with a focus on the things that would bring back the sense of hope, optimism and rising tide for all groups in society. The browsing sections Early Warning and America Renewal, Renewal Europe, the selection of articles and news reports in the media, the search that brings up these articles and reports from the last 10 years, the analysis in gist, the unique structure of gist to context to insights in LyrArc, are all designed to address this missing aspect of our lives even as they focus on events from week to week, and month to month.

Difficulties become challenges to meet with resilience and strengthening of the inner spirit, a sense of striving for where everyone in society and in the global community wins by working together, by reducing divisions, nurturing global partnership, even as trends that are negative are corrected. Restoring optimism for the future bit by bit.

For that to happen one must judge our own actions by the words of George Washington in a letter to Thomas Jefferson in Feb. 1783- "To merit the approbation of good and virtuous men is the height of my ambition; and will be a full compensation for all my toils and sufferings in the long and painful contest in which we have been engaged." Without this Jefferson's words about holding "these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights," that inspired so many around the world for two hundred years, would have come to nought. Sufferings Washington describes in a letter to Nathaniel Greene in Feb. 1783- "of Men oftentimes half starved; always in Rags, without pay, and experiencing, every species of distress which human nature is capable of undergoing." On every page of this site we have been mindful of these words of Washington, so that we can restore the sense of opportunity and optimism for all.

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We took a different way to help millions around the world build educated informed mindsets that affects and shapes their lives. For a future that is open, global and digital, with everyone having access to high quality information. We believe in the renewal of America, renewal of Europe, the renewal of India, the rest of Asia, Latin America and Africa. The renewal of our supply chains, health, education, infrastructure, as we rebuild our countries after the pandemic. Literacy and knowledge we believe cannot thrive and grow in a world of web bots, web crawlers, or AI. This requires human curiosity, human learning, and human imagination. We take as inspiration the saying- “One has to be free, and as broad as sky. One has to have a mind that is crystal clear, only then can truth shine in it.” Every contribution whether big or small is precious- in this crisis and ahead.

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