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How to avoid ticket scams for the Vols game against Florida

With the game sold out on most websites, experts are warning fans not to fall for scams trying to trick people into paying money for the hopes of getting a ticket.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The University of Tennessee vs. Florida game is sold out on trusted websites like TicketMaster. However, some people are desperate to get tickets to see the Vols take on the Gators. While people are reselling tickets, there are chances that fake ones are floating around. 

"If you're going to buy a ticket, you need to buy it from somebody you know and trust,” said Tony Binkley, the President of the Better Business Bureau in Knoxville. 

Binkley says that when buying a game day ticket, there is always a chance of getting scammed unless it is from a trusted vendor. The possibilities are higher for the UT vs. Florida game. 

“There's a high demand for something, and there's urgency, and we have both in this situation," he said.

He even says people may create fake websites selling false hopes to see the big game. He warned that they could appear legitimate, or even mimic established sites people may have used to buy tickets in the past.

“You know, scammers are pretty good at building fake sites or making things sound legitimate when they may not be,” said Binkly. 

People should be cautious of fake parking passes too. Some people on social media are selling passes, and Moira Binder said they could either be permit holders selling their passes, or they could be scalpers.

Bindner, a spokesperson for UT parking, says there are options to save money on parkin and to avoid scammers. 

“The parking meters near campus, our city of Knoxville, are $25 for the entire day," she said. "The children's hospital sells parking to support their volunteer services program.” 

Watch out for anything that looks or sounds too good to be true when buying parking passes and tickets this weekend. People can begin parking as early as 7 a.m. to get a good spot close to Neyland Stadium. 

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