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NASA's DART spacecraft successfully crashed into the Dimorphos asteroid at 7:14pm ET (00:14 BST). The final moments were captured by the spacecraft's DRACO on-board camera while it was travelling at 14,000 miles per hour (left). The collision sparked applause and hugs among the ground team at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland (top right). This is humans' first attempt at a planetary defense test, designed to assess whether the technique could be used to save our planet from catastrophic collision with a space rock in the future. The results of the mission will not be known for at least another two months, but NASA expected the impact to have carved out a crater, hurled streams of rocks and dirt into space and, most importantly, altered the asteroid's orbit. 

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A new 'pinch-grasping' robot system unveiled by Amazon shows the machine deftly grabbing and stowing a wide range of different items - moving at a fast rate of 1,000 items per hour.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is not one of America's ten wealthiest people for the first time since 2015, thanks to his company's plummeting stock price over the last year.

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Asteroid collision spotted from EARTH: Incredible videos from observatories in South Africa and Hawaii capture the moment NASA's DART spacecraft smashes into Dimorphos from 6.8 million miles away

Videos posted to social media already show last night's historic impact event captured by telescopes in Hawaii and South Africa. DART was launched from California last November and finally completed its 10-month journey when it hit the asteroid Dimorphos at 00:14 BST Tuesday.

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Pedestrians were able to make safer or more efficient choices when the eyes were fitted to a moving vehicle, report experts at the University of Tokyo.

A 15 stone (100 kg) wrought iron anchor, which is over two metres (6' 6") long, was found at the bottom of the southern North Sea in 2018, and is thought to be between 1,600 and 2,000 years old

By now, it will have been difficult to avoid the screenshots of Adam Levine's flirty messages that he sent to his fans - and the resulting memes. The Maroon 5 frontman is married to model Behati Prinsloo, who he has two children with and is currently pregnant with their third. But, over the last week, five women have come forward accusing Levine of sending them explicit messages while wed. While many social media users have expressed sympathy for the rock star's pregnant wife, they couldn't help but poke fun at the 'leaked' messages. These include 'I may need to see the booty' and offering to buy one woman's 'a**' 'a steak dinner and whisper sweet nothings into it'. However, it is unlikely that Levine intended for this to be the reception of his messages when he pressed 'send'. Research suggests that his spelling and grammatical errors may make him seem inattentive and unintelligent, while his comments about women's bodies make him seem immature. MailOnline takes a look at studies and expert opinions that reveal what Levine did right or wrong in his attempts at seduction.

Ancient text says the last stalk of silphion, the miracle plant, was given to Emperor Nero in the first century AD, but a researcher believes it has been growing in Turkey for thousands of years.


Warming temperatures are making northern states more suitable for stink bugs. A study found the insect made a major shift northward from 2017 to 2019.

California is set to phase out new natural gas furnaces and heaters by 2030, which means all new homes and building must be constructed with electrical services.

Researchers from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences have constructed an image of the Utopia Planitia basin on Mars from data returned by the Zhurong rover.

Move aside Thames Clipper! Zero-emissions 'flying' ferry that can carry 150 passengers at a top speed of 43mph could be a 'game changer' for city transport 

EF-24 Passenger vessel, created by Belfast-based firm Artemis Technologies, uses hydrofoils to lift it out of the water, enabling it to sail above the waves. The company's founder and CEO, Dr Iain Percy (inset), is a two-time Team GB Olympic sailing champion and four-time America's Cup veteran.

NASA is rolling back its Artemis I rocket at 11pm ET Monday. The agency was waiting on weather data before it made this decision because this means the mission misses the launch window.

The negative actions included a spouse breaking a promise, showing anger or impatience, or criticising their partner, according to researchers at the University of Texas.

Maya is the world's first cloned Artic wolf. The pup was created by a genetics firm that used a donor cell from a wild female Arctic wolf and combined it with an embryo that was grown inside a beagle. The pup was born in June, but the company waited 100 days to announce her to the world to ensure she was healthy following the process.


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The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) was launched last November ahead of an almost year-long journey to crash into the small asteroid Dimorphos, which orbits a larger one called Didymos. Didymos and Dimorphos will make their closest approach to Earth in years in late September, passing at a distance of about 6.7 million miles (10.8 million kilometres) from our planet. The impact is due to take place on Monday (September 26) at 19:14 ET (00:14 BST) and can be watched live on NASA TV and the US space agency's YouTube channel.

The gas giant came closest to Earth in almost 60 years yesterday, and today it will reach opposition, meaning the planet will appear opposite the sun to those on Earth.

The company's global manufacturing partner Foxconn is making the device at its Sriperumbudur factory on the outskirts of Chennai.

The Woodland Trust has released a list of the top ten most weird and wonderful creatures that can be found in British woods, as they call for greater protection of their habitat.

The image shows a dead 'nightmarish' shark with beady eyes and a human-like smile. This deep-sea creature is a gulper shark that is critically endangered in Australia due to overfishing.

Of the 8,431 species in Great Britain that have been assessed using IUCN Regional Red List criteria, 13 per cent have been classified as threatened with extinction. That includes 440 plants (18 per cent), 232 fungi and lichens (15 per cent), 111 vertebrates (40 per cent) and 405 invertebrates (12 per cent). Since 1970 alone, 133 species have been lost, from ants, bees, beetles, butterflies and dragonflies, to fish, fleas, fungi, mammals, moths, shrimps, spiders and wasps.

An approaching storm threatens to delay NASA's third attempt to launch its Artemis I mission that is scheduled to launch on Tuesday. The storm could turn into a hurricane when it reaches Florida.

A robotics expert analyzed the mass of all rovers and orbiters sent to Mars in the last 50 years and subtracted the weight of what is currently in operation, resulting in 15,694 pounds of debris.

The UK government confirmed that it is lifting the ban on fracking this week in an effort to boost local fossil fuel production amid a deepening energy crisis.

Researchers from the University of Minnesota recorded octopuses attacking various prey, and found they preferred certain arms over others when hunting.

Like frosting on a cupcake! Swirls and peaks of Jupiter's clouds are seen in incredible detail in stunning new 3D renders from NASA's Juno probe

At first glance at this photo, you'd be forgiven for mistaking it as a close-up of the icing on a delicious cupcake. But the textured swirls and peaks are actually clouds in Jupiter's skies, which were photographed by NASA's Juno probe. Software deveoper, Gerald Eichstädt, has created stunning 3D renders based on Juno's data, which he presented at the Europlanet Science Congress this week.

Researchers at the University of California San Diego have created a shoe material that starts to biodegrades after just four weeks submerged in sea water, and provides nutrients to bacteria.

A great white shark named Breton is fitted with a GPS tracker as part of the OCEARCH research mission. A map showing his travels through the Atlantic Ocean reveals the outline of a shark.

Apple has today released a software update, iOS 16.0.2, that fixes a glitch that caused the iPhone's camera lens to vibrate while being used in a third-party app as well as a copy-paste popup bug.

Tintagel Castle - a Cornish fortification made famous for being the location of King Arthur's conception - is at risk of collapsing into the sea due to rising sea levels increasing the pace of coastal erosion.

A photographer used artificial intelligence to bring stars who left us too soon back to life - creating eerie portraits of Princess Diana, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Freddie Mercury and others. The haunting and realistic images are the work of Alper Yesiltas, a photographer based in Turkey who created the portraits for a project titled 'As If Nothing Happened.' He used artificial intelligence photo enhancer software and photo editing programs to create the pictures. 'With the development of AI technology, I've been excited for a while, thinking that "anything imaginable can be shown in reality,"' Yesiltas wrote about the project.

Stunning images taken by Andrew McCarthy from his garden in Florence, Arizona, show Jupiter beautifully lit up against the night sky, highlighting its red spot and cloud bands.

Researchers from Durham University took 4D ultrasound scans of 100 pregnant women to see how their unborn babies responded after being exposed to flavours from foods eaten by their mothers. The results showed how foetuses smiled shortly after their mothers had eaten carrot - but grimaced when their mothers opted for kale. The findings suggest that what pregnant women eat might influence their babies' taste preferences after birth. If this is the case, the results could have implications for establishing healthy eating habits.

The image was taken more than 264 miles above Earth's surface, revealing Mount Ruapehu's crater lake that sits near the summit and provides clues about a future eruption.

Lead author Dr Maciek Wielgus, of the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy in Germany, said: 'We think we're looking at a hot bubble of gas zipping around Sagittarius A*.'

Instagram is working on a new feature that will detect if a user has been sent a nude image and automatically cover it up, before giving them the option of whether to open it or not.

Researchers from Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology carried out a genetic study to understand the scale, nature, and impact of human migration during the Medieval period. Their findings suggest that mass migration into the UK from Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark during this time may have increased European ancestry by as much as 76 per cent.

Researchers from New Mexico Highlands University say that men with big penises and trimmed pubic hair are seen as more attractive, extroverted, and open to new experiences.

SpaceX originally planned to launch Starship into orbit in January 2022, but was forced to delay following an environmental assessment of the Boca Chica launch site in Texas.

The German branch of animal rights group Peta claims that men contribute significantly more to the climate crisis than women, primarily through their meat consumption.

Apple's latest software update - iOS 16 - was made available last week. MailOnline takes a look at some of the lesser-known functions of your iPhone with the latest operating system.

iPhone 14 Pro review: 'Dynamic Island' and the always-on display offer loyal Apple fans a taste of something new

Unlike the notch, Dynamic Island is not a static black obstruction on the screen, but an interactive part of the display, providing quick access to alerts, notifications and background activities without interrupting the app you are using.

The study by international conservation charity ZSL claims that restoring biodiversity could boost wildlife and buffer city dwellers from heatwaves, forest fires and flooding.

Doctors at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in the USA have found that surgery patients require a lower dosage of sedative during their procedure if they wear a virtual reality headset.

A NASA astronaut captured star trails from space in a stunning image taken onboard the International Space Station.

California will begin offering the option of human composting after death thanks to a bill recently signed into law that aims to tackle climate change.

iPhone 14 case is put to the test as Apple's £849 flagship smartphone is thrown from a BUNGEE JUMP 60ft off the ground - and survives the drop 

Smartphone accessory company, Mous, put one of its protective cases on Apple's brand new smartphone during a bungee jump stunt at Bray Lake. Mous CEO and co-founder, James Griffith, took part in the terrifying jump, during which he launched Apple's flagship smartphone from 60 feet off the ground. Amazingly, both the smartphone and the smartphone case survived the drop test unscathed.

The FIFA 23 Web App launches today, giving Ultimate Team fans the opportunity to get a head start in creating the perfect side and beginning their quest for FIFA immortality.

Twitter has lost about nine percent of its 8,200 staffers in the months since Elon Musk announced his takeover bid, as staffers blame the mogul's behavior for their departures.

So called 'forever chemicals', industrial substances linked to a plethora of health problems are rife in school uniforms, scientists from the US and Canada have warned.

The US space agency's $10 billion (£7.4 billion) observatory has revealed the ice giant in a whole new light, after capturing the clearest view of the distant planet's rings in more than 30 years.

This month, E4 launched a bizarre new programme called Send Nudes, in the hopes of helping people considering surgery make their decision. In the series, participants have their naked bodies scanned using virtual reality technology, to create avatars with their desired body augmentations, which they can view from every angle. A panel of 50 strangers then provide feedback on the changes to help the participants decide whether to go for the surgery. MailOnline spoke to Francis Mathew, a Senior Production Manager at Crackit Productions, the production company behind the programme, to hear about the technology - and why he believes the show does not encourage cosmetic surgery.

A new study led by the British Antarctic Survey has warned that the Pine Island Ice Shelf could be more vulnerable to complete disintegration than previously thought.

Social media is abuzz as news of an impressive new feature on Apple's iOS 16 update spreads. The feature allows users to lift subjects out of photos - here's how you can do it.

Archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority discovered residue of opium in eight vessels that are shaped like upside-down poppy flowers - the plant from which it is derived.

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences studied 1,000 fossilised dinosaur eggs and eggshells, and claim the animals were already in decline when the asteroid struck.

Salman al-Nabahin uncovered it six months ago while working in his olive orchard in Bureij refugee camp, about half a mile from the border with Israel. He was working with his son when they found that some trees had not properly taken root. The two began digging, before his son's axe hit something hard and unfamiliar in appearance, which the farmer would later describe as a 'treasure' that 'belongs to every Palestinian'.

Chinese researchers recreated a series of typical accident scenarios via computational methods to investigate how head injuries were affected by collisions or falls.

Researchers from Brown University have found that when woodpeckers drum their beaks against a tree they activate the same brain regions that songbirds use when learning to vocalise.

Whether it's creating perfectly cooked fries and burgers or pouring soda without any spills, robot chefs are venturing further into the $296 billion U.S. fast food industry amid a nationwide labor shortage.

If you've ever searched for something innocuous on YouTube but ended up in a rabbit hole of extreme or distasteful content, then you're familiar with the frustrations of the platform's algorithms.

Asteroid impacts MOVED the moon's north and south pole about 186 miles over the course of 4.25 billion years, new study reveals

Ancient collisions with asteroids actually moved the moon's north and south pokes by about 186 miles, scientists revealed in a new study. A team at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland used computer simulations to 'erase' thousands of craters from the lunar surface - as if they were going back in time to 4.25 billion years ago when the craters didn't exist. Their work led them to discover that asteroid impacts caused the location of the poles to 'wander' by 10 degrees in latitude or about 186 miles. To put that in perspective, the moon's total diameter is 2,159 miles.

Researchers from Stockholm University found that wolves show more affection towards familiar people than strangers, suggesting that dogs' attachment to us pre-dates domestication.

Researchers from the Julius Maximilians University in Wurzberg claim there are a whopping 20 quadrillion ants crawling on Earth.

'Wowza!' Two EXTREMELY rare megamouth sharks are captured on video off the coast of San Diego - only 269 have ever been seen

Two extremely rare megamouth sharks were captured on video by a fisherman off the coast of San Diego this week. David Stabile was fishing with his friends Val Costescu and Andrew Chang about 30 miles offshore when they saw the megamouth sharks. 'This weekend my friends and I went fishing off the coast of San Diego and video taped two of the most elusive sharks on this planet. Here's some cool footage I took of the two Megamouth Sharks,' he wrote on the social network. In the videos, which were shared on Twitter and Facebook, the sharks can be seen slowly swimming very close to the fishermans' boat. One swims closer to the surface while the other can be seen a feet below it, moving almost in the other's shadow.

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Researchers at Western Sydney University have found that over 1,000 tree species are at risk of exceeding their natural climate tolerance, including Queen Elizabeth's favourite oak.

Apple has announced that it has identified a fix for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max camera shake issue and that a software update will be released next week to resolve it.

The US space agency has released a recording of a Martian meteoroid impact, with a distinctive 'bloop' sound ringing out three times as the space rock enters the atmosphere and then explodes into pieces.

The Winchcombe meteorite, which crashed into a driveway in the Gloucestershire town last year, is also thought to hold clues about where the water in the Earth's vast oceans came from.

The James Webb Space Telescope has released its first images of Mars - providing a unique and more detailed look at the Red Planet's atmosphere.

A flying motorbike that can travel at 62 miles per hour for up to 40 minutes made its U.S. debut this week at the North American Auto Show in Detroit. The hoverbike is the work of Aerwins.

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MailOnline takes a look at the world's most realistic humanoid robots - and what they could be used for in the near future.

A study by Trinity College Dublin reveals a slowing of continental plates was the critical event that enabled magma to rise to the Earth's surface and deliver devastating knock-on impacts.

The exoplanet, located just outside of our solar system, can be seen in several filters of infrared light. This reveals different details of the alien world never before seen by human eyes.

The Switchblade, a flying sports car developed by Samson Sky, has been given approval to begin flight testing. The £145,000 vehicle can reach 200 mph in the air and 125 mph on the road.

Frank Drake pioneered the modern search for aliens by creating the first interstellar message ever transmitted deliberately into space from Earth, with the hopes of contacting alien life.

Adding shredded pieces of personal protective equipment to cement makes concrete stronger and more resistant to cracks. Rubber gloves were found to increase concrete strength by 22%.

The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) was launched last November ahead of a year-long journey to crash into the small asteroid Dimorphos, which orbits a larger one called Didymos.

Researchers from the National Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland studied two decades worth of measurements to predict the ice loss from the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Tesla is on a major hiring spree for the teams that will build its humanoid robot Optimus, which is set to be unveiled September 30 at the company's AI Day.

PETER HOSKIN: Cologne - a city with one of the most vast, awe-inspiring cathedrals in all Christendom. And, as it happens, one of the most vast, awe-inspiring gatherings in all gaming.

Astronaut and Marine Colonel Nicole Aunapu Mann will become the first Native American woman in space when NASA's next crew arrives at the International Space Station in October.

HMS Anson, an attack submarine worth £1.3 billion and equipped with 38 missiles and torpedoes, has joined the Royal Navy fleet after a commissioning ceremony in Barrow, Cumbria.

Research from Florida Atlantic University has found that glyphosate, the active ingredient of the herbicide Roundup, causes convulsions in round-worms even at very low concentrations.

Male dolphins form tactical alliances with other males to help them mate with females, scientists from the University of Bristol have discovered, These alliances make up a multilevel society.

Scientists from the European Space Agency (ESA) have created the first water map of Mars, based on data from its Mars Express Observatory and NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Elon Musk has subpoenaed his friend and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey amid the ongoing legal battle over his $44 billion acquisition of the social network.

The penguin, named Lucas, was diagnosed with bumblefoot three years ago that caused sores on his feet. The boots take the pressure off the sores and allow him to walk with ease.

Internal documents reveal Twitter was set to rollout an OnlyFans-like subscription, but had to pause the product because it cannot 'cannot accurately detect child sexual exploitation.'

Paleontologists are furious about another prehistoric specimen being sold to an anonymous bidder at auction. They say these priceless dinosaurs are being treated like nothing more than toys for the rich.

HMD Global, the maker of Nokia devices, has revealed four new devices and an environmentally-friendly subscription service at IFA 2022 in Berlin.

Field Museum researchers examined skulls of 450 mice and found the ones on the western side of the mountains were larger, despite being genetically identical to those on the east.

Claims have been spreading that James Webb's photos debunk the Big Bang theory. However, these claims are simply not true, and are based on misconstrued quotes and data.

Scientists claim there is a one in six chance of a mega-volcano to occur before the end of the century and as history shows, it would have terrifying consequences for mankind.

China has unveiled its first suspended maglev line built with permanent magnets, which engineers claim can keep a 'sky train' afloat even without a power supply.

A legal action filed with London's Competition Appeal Tribunal seeks up to £5 billion in damages for nearly nine million customers.

The 'wonderful' arrow was found in a melted ice patch in Norway's Jotunheimen Mountains in Innlandet County, on August 17.

Testosterone influences activity of oxytocin - the so-called 'cuddle' hormone associated with social bonding, say experts at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Consumers may soon be able to tell how their weekly food shop affects the planet thanks to new research by Oxford-led experts on the environmental impact of 57,000 products.

The tech giant last night revealed its new Apple Watch 8 will make family planning 'easy and convenient' with an ovulation feature. The watch - which will cost from £419

The return of an animal absent from the capital for more than a century was discovered through a hidden wildlife camera installed by conservation charity the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

The Perseids meteor shower is expected to peak in the early hours of Saturday, and is caused by Earth slamming into the debris left behind by a comet.

Researchers have looked at the long-lasting effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in April 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico on the BP-operated Macondo Prospect.

Temperatures over 104F (40C) were observed in parts of Portugal, Spain, France and the UK, according to the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S).

Hackers have the capability to exploit a software flaw in the Emergency Alert System in order to issue fake warnings over radio and TV stations.

EXCLUSIVE: The new TRDR Pocket 'Series 2' from Go Games comes with one of three built-in AI 'personalities' - Scarlet, Tony and Julia - which users can chat to while they're playing.

The enormous Space Launch System (SLS) is scheduled to blast into space on August 29 as part of a six-week mission that will see it carry an uncrewed Orion spacecraft to lunar orbit and back.

A narrow current that goes around Antarctica causes warm water to melt ice shelves - floating platforms of ice around a landmass, say experts at Caltech and JPL, California.