Ukraine-Russia Conflict

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'Violent' Ukrainian refugee dumped by Brit arrested after fling ends

27/09/22 14:33

27/09/22 13:49

There will be an update about the shortlist of UK cities that could host next year's Eurovision Song Contest from the BBC on Tuesday.

27/09/22 12:49

This is the moment an uncomfortable-looking Vladimir Putin squirmed in his seat as he was forced to endure a bizarre lecture on people fleeing his rule from fellow autocrat Alexander Lukashenko .

27/09/22 12:18

EXCLUSIVE: Sofiia Karkadym, 22, was seen kicking the front door of the rented cottage she used to share with security guard Tony Garnett, 30, in Bradford and screaming: 'I love you Tony'.

27/09/22 11:36

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, president of Kazakhstan, made the remark in a speech in which he also offered muted criticism of Putin's war - saying the 'territorial integrity of states must be preserved'.

27/09/22 10:15

'The large-scale gas leak (pictured) is nothing more than a terrorist attack planned by Russia and an act of aggression towards the EU,' Kyiv's presidential advisor Mikhaylo Podolyak said on Twitter

27/09/22 09:16

Outbound flights from Russia are completely sold out, and traffic jams leading to Russia's borders are so big they can be seen from space (satellite image of huge queue to Georgian border)

26/09/22 19:59

Lawmakers have reached a deal to include $12 billion for Ukraine as it fends off a Russian invasion, bringing the total in assistance approved by Congress to around $66 billion.

26/09/22 13:49

In a grim update, the international body downgraded global forecasts, warning that the world's economy will take a $2.8trillion hit following the war in Ukraine.

26/09/22 11:01

Yevgeny Prigozhin, who has previously threatened to sue journalists who linked him to the notorious Russian paramilitary group, has now admitted to founding it during first Ukraine war in 2014.

25/09/22 10:05

The Rosgvardia, created in 2016 to fight terrorism and organised crime, is a 'private army' whose loyalty is 'to the president rather than to the state'.

25/09/22 09:02

Ex-prisoner of war in Ukraine Aiden Aslin, 28, said: 'Despite everything we went through, I knew sooner or later we would see light at the end of the tunnel'. He spent months under Russian captivity

25/09/22 07:56

Ben Wallace says new Prime Minister Liz Truss is going to stick to her campaign promise of increasing defence spending by 3 per cent and that the military is 'actually going to grow'.

24/09/22 22:20

LIZ TRUSS: We will make good on the promise of Brexit by seizing our chance to take the shackles off our economy and become a more enterprising, low-tax nation rich in opportunity.

24/09/22 22:16

PETER HITCHENS: What is Britain's interest in Ukraine? Why are we shovelling weapons and equipment into that country, despite the fact that our national budget is stretched to bursting?

24/09/22 22:00

Half British psychotherapists have closed their consulting room doors to new patients due to an unprecedented surge in demand, according to research.

23/09/22 20:59

An author revealed how the super-rich are preparing for a nuclear war and the end of the planet thanks to global warming.

23/09/22 19:35

The Biden Administration has allegedly been sending private messages to Moscow about the 'grave consequences' of using nuclear weapons.

23/09/22 13:58

U.S. officials have been warning Russia bout the grave consequences of using nuclear weapons over a period of months, as top Russians continue to make public nuclear threats.

23/09/22 13:38

When asked about Le Tissier's sacking, Merson said his 'friend' should have reined it in after being warned multiple times. He also said Le Tissier didn't have 'to share his beliefs'.

23/09/22 11:49

Ministers are intervening to rein in bills for business and domestic users amid soaring prices fuelled by the war in Ukraine.

23/09/22 11:09

Blakenall, in Walsall, West Midlands, has been compared to 'war-torn Ukraine' after the area began falling into a state of disrepair during the past two years.

23/09/22 10:53

Like his predecessor Rishi Sunak he has been handed an economic crisis of seismic proportions before the ink on his new business cards has even dried.

23/09/22 09:11

Armed Russian police have been going door-to-door in occupied parts of Ukraine rounding up people to vote in sham referendums while polling stations are being guarded by mercenaries.

23/09/22 00:23

The average cost of heating your home this winter is expected to skyrocket by $177 or 17 percent, as inflation is set to further dent American's wallets, especially those in low-income households.

23/09/22 00:19

Putin himself warned that 'this is not a bluff', seemingly willing to risk precipitating Armageddon with bombs that would set the sky alight with the blaze of a thousand suns.

22/09/22 22:28

John Harding, a 59-year-old, from Sunderland, pictured in his mind's eye the stump he would be tied to and the sound of the executioner's rifle clicking.

22/09/22 16:51

Speaking in the House of Commons this afternoon, Armed Forces minister James Heappey described how 'rattled' Mr Putin's action was an acknowledgement of Russia's 'failure'.

22/09/22 12:13

Vladimir Putin yesterday announced that 300,000 Russians with combat experience would be drafted to fight in Ukraine, but claims have since surfaced that he is casting the net far wider.

22/09/22 11:29

Shaun Pinner enjoyed an emotional reunion with his family in the UK after a deal saw him and four other Brits set free after five months in detention.

22/09/22 10:43

Mikhail Kasyanov, who served as Prime Minister under President Putin between 2000 and 2004 before being sacked and exiled, said he 'very much doubts' the Russian leader will use nuclear weapons.

22/09/22 03:10

Mark Hertling, formerly an Army lieutenant general specializing in troop training, took to Twitter to describe Russia's barely existent military training.

22/09/22 01:33

Speaking to the assembly by video-broadcast from Ukraine, Zelensky demanded a compensation fund from Russia, saying the nation should 'pay for this war with its own assets'

22/09/22 00:35

MARK WILSON: Just as it seemed Scotland might not gain just rewards, the midfielder's personal moment of redemption helped crown a superb team performance.

22/09/22 00:05

Aiden Aslin and Shaun Pinner posted a video thanking people for their support and confirming they were 'out of the danger zone' as they were flown from Russia to Saudi Arabia yesterday.

21/09/22 23:29

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: When in trouble, tyrants cannot admit any weakness for fear it would undermine their authority and trigger the rapid downfall of their regime.

21/09/22 22:48

The family of Shaun Pinner say they and the relatives of four other British men can celebrate after it was confirmed they will be coming back to the UK after being freed from detention today.

21/09/22 22:30

EDWARD LUCAS: Does the threat of Armageddon mean he's now fully lost his marbles? Or was yesterday's speech a carefully crafted warning to the West?

21/09/22 22:20

STEPHEN GLOVER: Never has the threat of nuclear retaliation against the west been as explicit as this.

21/09/22 21:56

More than 1,000 people have been arrested tonight in 37 cities across Russia, including Moscow and St Petersburg, as they voiced their anger at Putin's order to mobilise 300,000 reservists.

21/09/22 21:18

Scottish football pundit Michael Stewart joined outraged fans in slamming the decision not to send off Valeriy Bondar for 'wiping out' Scotland star Che Adams.

21/09/22 18:03

The 99-day decline - spurred by ongoing supply chain woes and the war between oil-rich Russia and Ukraine - saw prices rise to as high as $10 in some states, and an average of $5.02 in June.

21/09/22 17:46

For the first time since Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine, the words of even the staunchest nationalists and pro-Putin propagandists are belying their leader's tried-and-tested rhetoric

21/09/22 17:19

The Prime Minister and European Commission President met at the UN General Assembly for talks on Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

21/09/22 17:06

One-way flights out of Russia have skyrocketed and others have sold out as civilians scramble for a ticket to safety.

21/09/22 16:59

Aiden Aslin (pictured) was captured alongside another Briton in June, and kept in detention by pro-Moscow separatists, before a court in the (DPR) handed him a death sentence.

21/09/22 16:39

The claims made by Putin today echo the attempts by tyrants including Adolf Hitler, Stalin and China's Mao Zedong to use lies to achieve their objectives.

21/09/22 16:26

President Biden tore into Vladimir Putin during an address at UNGA as he said the Russian president 'shamelessly violated' the UN charter by invading Ukraine.

21/09/22 15:40

India Hicks, the daughter of Lady Pamela Hicks who was bridesmaid at Charles and Diana's wedding in 1981, posted a video of herself walking through the Windsor Estate.

21/09/22 15:11

The former head of the Royal Navy said the world must take Vladimir Putin's threat of using 'every available means' including nukes to hold on to Ukraine very seriously.

21/09/22 11:48

Speaking at the end of his general audience in St. Peter's Square, Francis revealed his charity chief who is delivering aid in Ukraine had to run and take cover from gunfire.

21/09/22 11:40

The move, announced personally by the warmongering Kremlin chief this morning, marks a significant escalation in the conflict from which Russia is seemingly unwilling to back down

21/09/22 11:09

Retired General Ben Hodges said a nuclear strike by Putin is 'unlikely' but warned if it did happen, America would seek to devastate Russian military HQs in Crimea and its fleet in the Black Sea.

21/09/22 10:41

One-way flights out of Russia have skyrocketed and others have sold out as civilians scramble for a ticket to safety.

21/09/22 08:27

Gillian Keegan, a Foreign Office minister, admitted the West is 'not in control' of the tyrant but tried to urge for calm despite the terrifying threats.

21/09/22 00:09

Russia has been banned from UEFA and FIFA competitions since it launched its invasion of Ukraine in February, with the Court of Arbitration for Sport dismissing an appeal against that exclusion.

20/09/22 21:35

Russian news channel that announced the speech deleted their posts two hours after the Russian leader was set to begin Putin's first international announcement since the invasion of Ukraine.

20/09/22 21:12

Russian news channel that announced the speech deleted their posts two hours after the Russian leader was set to begin Putin's first international announcement since the invasion of Ukraine.

20/09/22 16:21

The country has been suspended from UEFA and FIFA competitions since Vladimir Putin's military launched its invasion of Ukraine in February.

20/09/22 16:08

The war-torn country didn't make it to the finals in Qatar but Poland captain and Barcelona striker Lewandowski will ensure their neighbours and friends will be part of the tournament.

20/09/22 15:15

The Turkish leader made the stunning declaration last night to US outlet PBS after sharing 'extensive discussions' with his warmongering Russian counterpart at a summit in Uzbekistan last week

20/09/22 12:35

Brittney Griner's highly publicized legal woes in Russia and the country's invasion of Ukraine has the top WNBA players opting to take their talents elsewhere this offseason.

20/09/22 10:11

The socialite, 55, who lives in the Bahamas, shared photos of herself and her mother, Lady Pamela Hicks, 93, in the mourning attire they wore to attend yesterday's state funeral at Westminster Abbey.

20/09/22 10:07

In speeches and remarks leading up to the start of the leaders' meeting on Tuesday, Antonio Guterres asked leaders around the world to tackle conflicts and climate catastrophes.

20/09/22 06:58

Ukraine's president, Volodymyr Zelensky, on Monday said the Russians were in 'panic' amid the counter offensive - helped by a further $600 million in US aid, announced last week.

20/09/22 02:19

Further boosting the war effort, Liz Truss is set to tell the UN in New York she will spend billions more arming Ukrainians in 2023 during her first overseas trip as UK Prime Minister.

19/09/22 22:31

It was almost midnight on Sunday, February 27 - three days after Russia's invasion - and De Zerbi and eight Italian members of his coaching staff at Shakhtar Donetsk were sheltering in a bunker.

19/09/22 16:08

Three restaurants in the Ukrainian capital will open for delivery only from September 20, followed by several more venues in Kyiv and across the country further west one week later

19/09/22 10:03

Foreign ministry spokesman Mao Ning said that China are 'willing to strive for the prospect of peaceful reunification' but will not tolerate activities aimed at splitting the country,'

19/09/22 01:20

President Biden said he would use US soldiers to defend Taiwan if China invaded the island. But after the interview a White House official said the US policy towards Taiwan had not changed.

18/09/22 17:40

The wife of Ukraine's President Zelensky has been pictured bowing her head in Westminster Hall as she pays her respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II .

18/09/22 17:06

The pair, both wearing long black dresses, sat either side of a fireplace on gingham armchairs with pink orchids on display in the background.

18/09/22 16:26

Putin 's war in Ukraine has thus far proven to be a total failure, according to the head of Britain's armed forces.

18/09/22 15:54

Speaking to the BBC's Laura Kuenssberg this morning, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin painted a bleak picture of Russian prospects in Ukraine and what it means for the Kremlin chief

18/09/22 14:36

The scene is an upmarket fashion store in Florence. A cheery middle-aged Russian couple have finished selecting their clothes and are ready to pay

18/09/22 09:53

The appeal follows the discovery of around 450 graves outside the recently liberated city of Izyum in Ukraine's eastern Kharkiv region, where some of the exhumed bodies showed signs of torture

17/09/22 22:00

IAN BIRRELL: Putin faces humiliation following his bungled invasion of Ukraine. First, his plan to take Kyiv in a few days was defeated. Now his cherished military has collapsed in Kharkiv.

17/09/22 17:00

He said his Donbas operation is progressing 'not at a very fast pace' but would not be thrown off course by the humiliating collapse and rout of his army in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine.

17/09/22 16:11

So far more than five percent of the entire male jail population in Russia have been released as the Kremlin steps up recruitment after suffering a humiliating defeat against Ukraine's army.

17/09/22 12:31

So far more than five percent of the entire male jail population in Russia have been released as the Kremlin steps up recruitment after suffering a humiliating defeat against Ukraine's army.