Warzone NYC: Mayor Eric Adams reveals two refugee-style CAMPS to deal with migrant crisis - and taunts Texas and Florida for 'abdicating their moral duty to support arriving asylum seekers'

  • Eric Adams revealed plans to open two refugee-style camps for the thousands of incoming migrants¬†
  • One of the sites will be in Orchard Beach, in the Bronx, but the location of the second hasn't been confirmed¬†
  • He claimed it proved his moral triumph over Texas and Florida, who he claims turned their backs on the issue
  • The vast majority of the migrants say they want to come to New York, a sanctuary¬†city where their chances of being turned in to ICE are slimmer¬†
  • Florida Gov. Ron de Santis and Texas' Greg Abbott sent them duly north - to the outrage of Adams and others¬†
  • The Republicans say it calls the bluff of the rich liberal elite who claim to be pro-immigration without living through the true scale of the crisis¬†


New York City Mayor Eric Adams has revealed his solution to influx of 13,000 migrants to the Big Apple with nowhere to live - opening two, refugee-style outdoor camps for them. 

The mayor revealed the plans on Thursday along with photos of the planned relief sites, which resembled the type of tented landscapes often seen in war zones. 

One of the sites will be in Orchard Beach, on the edge of the Bronx, next to waspy Westchester County. 

The location of the second site has not been confirmed. 

In a press release on Thursday, Adams touted the plan as a victory and proof that he understands his 'moral duty' to the thousands of Venezuelan migrants currently arriving in New York City every week. 

The release failed to give specifics of when the sites will open or, crucially, how many beds they will contain. 

Meanwhile thousands of migrants continue to be sent every week from Texas and Florida, where Republican leaders say it's high-time Democrats like Adams understand the true scale of the crisis. 

In addition to the two migrant sites, Adams has awarded a $34million contract to Bronx Family Network to set up beds for both migrants and the homeless in the same area. That's on top of the 6,000 hotel rooms he has already contracted out for migrants in Manhattan.  

Adams, claiming the new relief sites will help absolve the problem in New York, said in a press release on Thursday: 'More than 100 years ago, Ellis Island opened its doors to welcome in those ‚Äėyearning to breathe free.‚Äô¬†

An example of the type of site NYC Eric Adams plans to open to house the thousands of migrants arriving every day. One will go in the Bronx and a second location is yet to be confirmed. Adams claimed it as a moral victory. The tents include rows of beds with thin-looking sheets in an outdoor tent, just as winter approaches 

An aerial view of an example site. Adams, claiming it as a moral victory, said the issue needed to be treated like a humanitarian crisis 

One of Adams' proposed sites is near Orchard Beach, on the peripheries of the city

'Now, more than ever, it’s clear that we are again dealing with a humanitarian crisis created by human hands. 

Adams says it's unfair for leaders in Texas and Florida to send the migrants to him - despite NYC being the top of all of their lists for refuge 

'While other leaders have abdicated their moral duty to support arriving asylum seekers, New York City refuses to do so,' he said. 

In photos of an example site, cot beds are shown lined up in rows in the outdoor tent. 

Adams said they'd only stay there for up to '96' hours, then be moved on to their desired 'settlement' sites. 

'This is not an everyday homelessness crisis, but a humanitarian crisis that requires a different approach. 

'That’s why the Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Centers will be the first touchpoint for asylum seekers that will provide them with a range of services and support as families determine their next steps. 

'This emergency response represents what we know must be done during this humanitarian crisis, as we continue to seek assistance from our federal and state partners to continue this work. 

'Like the generations that came to our city before, New York will provide the thousands now coming to our city with the foundation to build a better life,' Adams said. 

The town bearing the brunt of the crisis is El Paso, a border community in Texas with just 600,000 full-time residents where thousands of Venezuelans and other migrants are arriving now every week. 

Yesterday, locals operating housing shelters and food banks pleaded for help from the Biden administration in an open letter. 

They also added that contrary to Adams' claim that it's inhumane to bus the migrants from Texas to New York, it's where almost all of them want to go. 

'About 20% of them want to go to New York,' Barrow wrote in an open letter on Wednesday. 'The city has been chartering busses to New York to assist those desiring that destination. 

'I am not aware of anyone being placed on a bus to New York who did not want to go there,' Blake Barrow, the CEO of the Rescue Mission of El Paso, said in an open letter. 

Pictured: A bus carrying migrants arrived in New York City on Sunday, Sep, 4

Migrants arriving in New York City earlier this month. Republican Mayors are warning Democratic counterparts they'll keep sending bus loads of people until they denounce Biden's border policy

He added that despite having the most hands-on experience with the people crossing the border, no Washington officials have been in touch with them to offer them help or seek their expertise. 

'The immigration processing center became so over-crowded that the government began loading migrants on busses and dropping them off in front of shelters. The Rescue Mission has received about 500 migrants. 

'All of them are from Venezuela. They need showers, good clothes, and food.' 

He added that the city desperately needs government help, but is being ignored. 

'The number of migrants we have coming into El Paso is so large that it is overwhelming the housing and support services that the city is able to offer. 

'Obviously, we need a well-coordinated, federal solution to this problem, but, so far, no one from Washington has asked our opinions.'  


NYC Mayor Eric Adams says he'll open refugee-style CAMPS for influx of migrants

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