Meat cleaver is recovered from blood-stained apartment of Brooklyn woman, 21, whose dismembered corpse was found in suitcases at property where she was heard 'arguing with her ex'

  • The victim is believed to be the 21-year-old occupant of the apartment in East New York¬†
  • Neighbors smelled a foul odor from inside and called for a welfare check¬†
  • The building's super found a meat cleaver and the suitcases filled with dismembered body parts in the apartment's blood-stained bathroom
  • They say they often heard the woman and her boyfriend arguing inside¬†
  • Police have not yet named either of them; the boyfriend is a person of interest but has not yet been tracked down¬†
  • The building is an affordable housing complex that also takes in recently released Rikers inmates¬†¬†

Police have recovered a meat cleaver in the bloody Brooklyn apartment where a woman's decaying remains were found split between two suitcases this morning.

The young woman, 21, was heard in the building weeks before her disappearance as she argued with ex-boyfriend - who remains at large. 

Her dismembered body was found inside blood-stained Apartment 6F at Linwood Park Apartments, an affordable housing building in East New York, Brooklyn. 

The victim, who is yet to be identified, had an order of protection filed against her estranged boyfriend before she was found dead, according to NY Daily News.

Part of the order meant he was barred from being at her apartment.

Police remove the belongings of a 21-year-old woman whose remains were found inside the apartment on Wednesday 

Police were seen removing bags of evidence from the apartment building on Thursday afternoon

The body was found inside Apartment 6F at Linwood Park Apartments, an affordable housing building in East New York, Brooklyn, on Wednesday 

She had not been seen for several weeks before neighbors noticed a foul smell coming from inside the home on Wednesday. 

One called the building's super to request a welfare check which prompted the grim discovery in the early hours of Thursday morning. 

According to sources, the super arrived at the apartment and was met by the victim's boyfriend, who refused to let him in. 

He then called the police - at which point the boyfriend and another man were seen fleeing the building carrying a duffle bag, NY Daily News reported. 

The super then returned to the empty apartment to find the suitcases stuffed with the victim's body parts, as well as the meat cleaver in the bathroom.

Cops are now frantically searching for the victim's estranged boyfriend, as well as the man he was seen leaving with.  

An NYPD spokesman told that while a person of interest has been identified, no one is in custody. 

The apartment building contains 100 units of affordable housing but it also houses recently released Rikers inmates. 

Police take biological evidence bags into a cop van as investigators continue to probe the grim discovery

Police carry evidence bags at the apartment complex in East New York on Thursday 

The building has 100 apartments, most of which are affordable units. Others are for recently incarcerated Rikers inmates 

Multiple suitcases found filled with body parts inside a Brooklyn apartment on Wednesday

The building superintendent made the gruesome discovery at 315 Linwood Street in East New York around 1:30pm

Police were called to the address after a 'foul order' was reported in a sixth-floor home

Officials say 'a large amount of blood' was found on the premises. 

'This neighborhood is not the best neighborhood to be honest with you, but this is outrageous. Absolutely outrageous,' neighbor Lindsey Vena said to ABC7. 'It makes me scared to even be around here. I'm just sick.

'This is scary. I live here with my family and it's just kind of wicked knowing that there's somebody doing something like this where you lay your head at night,' she said. 

Neighbor Kim Angeles told the Daily News: 'The super found her body in suitcases.

'This is scary to be dealing with. My two children live here. We shouldn’t have to be dealing with this.' 


Meat cleaver is recovered from apartment where woman's corpse was found in suitcases

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