US Air Force Academy in Colorado is blasted for holding woke 'diversity and inclusion' summit that saw cadets ordered to ditch 'gendered' language including mom, dad, boyfriend and girlfriend

  • A recent training seminar at the US Air Force Academy aimed to teach cadets about diversity and inclusion
  • The presentation included messages recommending that gendered terms be kicked to the curb¬†
  • 'Colorblind' and 'I don't see color' were also recommended to be abadoned¬†
  • Rep. Mike Waltz of Florida has called the teachings 'destructive'¬†

The US Air Force Academy is under fire for holding diversity and inclusion training that urges cadets to use non-gendered language, scrapping words like 'mom,' and 'dad', as well as 'girlfriend' and 'boyfriend.'

According to screenshots from the seminar, obtained by FOX News Digital, Air Force training officials are asking recruits to use generic terms like 'partner' instead of 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend,' and 'parent' or 'parents' instead of 'mom' and 'dad.'

The slides shared by FOX News prompted outrage from many across the country, including Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL). 

Waltz, a Green Beret and Afghan War veteran, spoke with the news agency about his feelings regarding what he calls 'destructive' lessons being taught to young cadets. 

He even compared the workshops to those seen in the communist Soviet Union and China, held to push extreme ideologies on recruits. 

A screenshot of the 'diversity and inclusion' training for cadets at the US Air Force Academy

'That is absolutely destructive to morale, to unity, to everything that I know from a military, that by the way, integrated way before the rest of the country in 1948,' Waltz said in the interview.

The Academy is recommending that trainees adopt 'person centered' language, using 'person with disabilities' rather than 'disabled,' or 'transgendered people/service members' rather than 'transgenders.' 

'Y'all', 'folks' and 'squaddies' are also given a thumbs up, according to the slides, while 'guys' is out. 

The move is part of a push for diversity and inclusion within the Air Force and other armed force branches. 

Cadets in a training exercise at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado

An Air Force Academy spokesperson said in a statement that the training is to help prepare cadets to for any and all future conflict. 

'As part of the Diversity & Inclusion Cadet Leadership Program, this conversation was developed by cadet leaders and USAFA staff to introduce all cadets to Department of the Air Force definitions of diversity and inclusion, as well as how these concepts enhance our warfighting effectiveness,' the spokesperson said.  

The seminar also included diversity of thought experience that required cadets to name as many animals that start with 'G' and then come together with a group to see how many they were able to get individually, as opposed to when everyone combined their lists. 

Training also suggested that phrases such as 'colorblind,' 'I don't see color,' and 'we're all just people' be phased out. 

Cadets salute during a commencement ceremony at the US Air Force in Colorado

Nicknames and jokes directed at fellow cadets are similarly discouraged, and racial and homophobic slurs are strictly prohibited. 

'USAFA develops leaders of character that can lead diverse teams of Airmen and Guardians inclusively, to enhance innovation and win future conflict,' the spokesperson continued in the statement.

Rep. Waltz, however, disagrees. 

'To those of us who are a little bit older, it reminds us of what the Soviets used to do or what the Chinese do today, where they literally have political commissars inserted at every level end of the chain of command, but they have a separate reporting chain to ensure that the military is abiding by their ideology and their political doctrine,' the congressmember said. 

FL Rep. Mike Waltz who is pushing back against the diversity and inclusion training 

In 2021, the US Air Force Academy made headlines for announcing a Diversity and Inclusion Reading Room, specially designated with curated books and described in a release as a 'treasure trove of big ideas and a safe space for open discussion.' 

'We need to foster an understanding about the challenges of diversity, racism and injustice, promote a wide-range of perspectives and be respectful of people we agree and disagree with,' said Mark Jensen, president of the Academy's faculty senate and a philosophy professor.

'Our intention is to create an informal space for cadets and permanent party to broaden and deepen their exploration of the issues involved in diversity, inclusion and justice,' said assistant English professor Daniel Couch.

Waltz told FOX News' Tucker Carlson during a recent interview that he has been in contact with parents and cadets at the US Air Force Academy regarding the lessons. 

"When we are in the majority, we are going to legislate this, and we are going to cut it out of the U.S. military," Waltz added. 


US Air Force cadets ordered to ditch gendered language during diversity and inclusion summit

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