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Panettiere, 33, previously revealed that she started abusing drugs when she was just 15 years old - and that her addiction worsened after Kaya's birth in 2014. In 2018, Panettiere sent her daughter to Ukraine to live with her ex and Kaya's father, Klitschko, 46 - but now, she has claimed that he didn't give her a choice. The star spoke out about it in an upcoming episode of Jada Pinkett Smith's show Red Table Talk, which premieres Wednesday. The Heroes alum claimed that the former boxing professional made her give up her daughter, calling it 'the most heartbreaking thing she's ever had to do.' 'It wasn't a discussion,' she told the host in an exclusive sneak peek of the episode, obtained by People magazine, adding: 'It was very upsetting.' Panettiere explained that as soon as she was 'better,' she was hoping Kaya would split her time between both of her parents, but said 'that didn't happen.'

Hailey Bieber is slammed for 'cultural appropriation' after sharing makeup tutorial for 'brownie glazed lips' - as critics accuse her of trying to take over trend that 'black and Latina women have been doing for years'

Bieber, 25, showcased her favorite lip makeup combo on TikTok and described the result as 'brownie glazed lips'. The name was clearly a nod to her 'glazed donut aesthetic' and the principal messaging behind her skin care line, Rhode. Fans of the model soon began to praise the star for starting the new beauty trend for the fall season, despite the fact the look has always been popular. Social media users were quick to point out that the beauty look has actually be popular with black, brown and Latina women since the 90s. Furious beauty lovers proceeded to call out the fashion star for appropriating the makeup technique by failing to credit her source of inspiration.

Abby Pollock, 28, a fitness influencer from Canada, suffers from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) - so she brushed off many of the pregnancy signs as symptoms of the disorder.

The weather lady, 41, had the best response to the hater, who claimed that her choice of clothing resembled that of a retired-stripper-turned-prostitute.

SHOPPING: The new Coco & Eve Bond Building Pre-Shampoo Treatment promises a reduction in hair breakage and split ends by a whopping 85 per cent, and it only takes ten minutes.

SHOPPING: Put your best foot forward for fall after having some pampering time with the Necteck foot massager. At $46, it's cheaper than one professional foot massage and just as relaxing

Chelsea, 42, and her mother, Hillary Clinton, 74, sat down for a joint interview as two of the stars of Variety's Power of Women issue. The global health advocate reflected on the 'relentless' scrutiny she faced growing up as the daughter of President Bill Clinton. Chelsea, who moved into the White House when she was 13, said she 'really wanted to fade into the background' at times and not have people looking at her. When she was a young teen, she was called a 'dog' by conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh and made fun of on Saturday Night Life. Chelsea said she feels 'such a palpable sense of responsibility' to help other children in her position because she wished someone would've stood up for her. She repeatedly defended former President Donald Trump's youngest son, Barron Trump, while his father was in office, despite their families' political feud. The mom has taken great care to keep her three children out of the public eye, explaining that she wants them to 'be conscious and not paranoid.'

Ruby Steed, 24, who spent her early years living under Jeffs' rule, opened up about how far she has come since she escaped in a powerful TikTok. She is now working as a barber and has traveled the world.

Lily, 33, appeared in a new video and photo campaign for the British makeup artist, which saw her promoting Charlotte's best-selling Magic Cream.

Bush Hager, 40, returned to the White House with her mother, former First Lady Laura Bush; her husband, Henry Hager; and her daughters, Mila and Poppy.

From California to Wales, posters on confession site Whisper have admitted to being 'compulsive liars' and being 'addicted' to making people do things for them.

Kendall has revealed the unconventional practices she uses daily to help alleviate her anxiety and keep her stress levels low in a new interview.

Paltrow, who turned 50 on September 27, had half her body painted gold for a glamorous shoot that was an homage to the 1964 James Bond movie Goldfinger. The stunning images were shared on Instagram Tuesday, the day of her birthday. Paltrow (pictured inset in 1996) said she 'feels so good turning 50,' explaining the shoot is about 'expressing that sense of energy and optimism' she is experiencing. The Goop founder wrote about her past and her hopes for the future in an essay that was published on her lifestyle website last Thursday. She reflected on the regrets and mistakes that still keep her up at night, saying that she prays she has 'learned from them all.'



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The mother-of-three opted for a red coat from British fashion brand LK Bennett as she and Prince William headed to Wales for what is their first visit to the nation since they were made Prince and Princess. Kate Middleton, 40, pictured, looked stylish in the coat with gold details, which she sported over a black outfit as she stepped out with William.

The Spanish royal, 50, was on hand to attend the closing ceremony of the XIV Call for Social Projects 'Euros de tu Nómina', an initiative by Santander to promote projects that improve society.

The Dutch Queen, 51, opted for a sunny, eye-catching suit for the conference in The Hague today, which focuses on the social media's influence on the mental health of young people.

Crown Prince couple Mary and Frederik of Denmark have shared a sweet moment on the dancefloor at an official party at Christianborg Castle in Copenhagen on Friday evening. The Australian-born royal, 50, attended a gala dinner at Christianborg Castle in Copenhagen where more than 350 guests partook in a choreographed dance. Mary and Fredrik pranced about the dance floor moving from one partner to another then repeatedly coming back to embrace each other. It is the first we've seen Mary since she was reportedly uninvited from Queen Elizabeth II's funeral last Monday.

Lady Amelia Windsor (pictured) looked effortlessly stylish in bright colours, as she walked the catwalk in the Zeynep Kartal x Li & Fung show for London Fashion Week. Amelia, 27, is the second daughter and youngest child of George Windsor, Earl of St Andrews and 43rd in line for the throne. She was among the members of the extended royal family who attended the late Queen's emotional funeral in London and Windsor on Monday 19th September.

Queen Margrethe of Denmark received the Nordic Association's Language Award last night. This is the first time the 82-year-old royal has been seen out since testing positive for Covid.

The official Instagram account of the Royal Family has changed its profile picture to a photo of the King and Queen Consort, marking a new era of reign.

DAN WOOTTON: The Sussex Survivor Squad, as they now refer to themselves, are the band of once loyal staff members who made a herculean bid to keep Meghan Markle happy

Harry and Meghan had their hearts set on a home in the heart of the Queen's Berkshire bolthole but were left disappointed, according to claims published in Katie Nicholl's book, The New Royals.

Prince Rudolf of Austria died on 30 January 1889, aged 30, after shockingly committing suicide with one of his mistresses, 17-year-old Baroness Mary Vetsera, at his hunting lodge.

Proud mother Queen Rania of Jordan shared a touching photograph with their daughters as they celebrate their birthdays this week. It comes a week after she attended the Queen's funeral.

The eldest son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, 40, told his schoolmate that his father was King and that'd 'better watch out', according to royal author Katie Nicholl. In her book The New Royals, Nicholl claimed George and his siblings, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four, were being raised with an understanding of the Monarchy and a 'sense of duty'. She added that while George has been told he will one day be Monarch, the Prince and Princess of Wales are trying not to weigh him down with too much responsibilities too soon. Pictured: William with George (left) and Kate taking her sons to school (right).

New bank notes with King Charles III's face on them will be unveiled by the end of 2022, but won't be in public circulation until mid-2024.

A royal book written by Vanity Fair's royal journalist and author Katie Nicholl claims the Queen Consort told Harry they would resolve their differences within the family.

The Duchess of Sussex, 41, is set to receive 'one of the top awards of the evening' at the event, which will be held at the Tate Modern on November 16, an unnamed source told The Sun.

The two siblings were seen running errands in Los Angeles on Sunday, with Malia sporting a casual green zip-up hoodie with long jean shorts, while her sister wore a pretty boho-style pale green dress. Both girls took advantage of the warm California weather, with Malia sporting a pair of white flip flops, while her younger sibling opted for a pair of chunky black dad sandals with a green fur trim. The two girls divided up their errands; Malia was seen wheeling two large boxes out of Home Depot, before putting them into the trunk of their car, while her sister ran across the street to a European sandwich counter. Their outing came just hours after they enjoyed a dinner with their dad, former President Barack Obama, at high-end sushi restaurant Hamasaku on Saturday night. Obama's Secret Service SUV was seen parked in a handicapped spot for two hours while he ate dinner.

Madison Lewis, 23, from Los Angeles, recalled how her 'lips turned blue', with video of the ordeal capturing her skin becoming bright red.

Nancy Hauck, 56, from St George, Utah, said she 'never imagined being pregnant at her age' but added helping her son and his wife is 'the most beautiful thing'.

Male escorts from around the world have opened up on the anonymous US-based sharing site Whisper - with one confessing they used their salary to pay for university.

A year into their marriage, Quran McCain and his wife, Cheryl McGregor, both from Georgia, are more loved up than ever - and are speaking with a surrogate in attempt to have their first child.

Singles have been warned about five common behaviours that are deemed to be an instant turn off when dating.

Lauren Singer, 31, took on a 'zero-waste' lifestyle in 2012, which means she tries to produce as little garbage as possible - and now, Lauren has revealed what goes into her eco-friendly lifestyle.

Meghan, 28, and her husband, Daryl Sabara, 30, welcomed their son Riley, now 16 months, in February 2021. But when the newborn had trouble breathing and had to be admitted to the NICU, the singer said the staff members made her feel like it was her fault. She told Romper that they insinuated the medicine she had taken during her pregnancy was to blame, despite her own doctors doctors telling her it was safe. According to Meghan, her pregnancy wasn't easy either. She said she had gained '15 COVID pounds' before hand, which resulted in her feeling 'massive.' She added that her face also 'broke out with dermatitis,' and since she suffers from gestational diabetes, she had to 'test her blood all day long.' After spending five days in the hospital, Riley was sent home - and he is now completely healthy and happy, and the couple is ready to try for another baby.

Clinton has clapped back at Fox News host after she claimed Clinton snubbed Queen Elizabeth II from her docuseries about 'amazing woman', just days after she paid tribute to the monarch.

DIESEL unveiled its spring/summer 2023 all-gender collection and broke a Guinness World Record with the world's largest ever inflatable sculpture at their runway show in Milan, Italy.

Kanye, 45, sat down with Alo's CEO Danny Harris, during which he compared reading to eating 'Brussels sprouts' and said he thinks humans should communicate without speaking - like Jedi.

After four decades in the music industry, Shania Twain has revealed she's still as body confident as ever after she stripped off for a topless photoshoot. Shania (born Eilleen Edwards) explained that the decision behind the shoot was to show the world that she's 'comfortable' in her own skin as she does her part to promote self-love and acceptance. Following her diagnosis with Lyme Disease in 2013, the You're Still The One singer has made a conscious effort to love after her body through her diet and lifestyle.She has since been vocal about how she looks after her body through regular exercise such as walking and horseback riding. Meanwhile the long-time vegetarian has been open about cutting sugar and junk food from her diet, while she also reveals the way she turns to natural products in a homemade scrub to help keep her skin supple. FEMAIL takes a look at how Twain has maintained her youthful appearance with the help of green smoothies, powerwalking and olive oil cleansing.

The eldest daughter of former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama sported a white crop top with a fuzzy vest and bright green pants for the outing.

An unnamed relationship expert shockingly revealed in an email to influencer Tix, 31, from California, that you should imagine separating from your partner to know if they're the one you.

UK-based journalist Rosie Green hadn't been single for 26 years and tried online dating. She has complied her ultimate lists of DO's and DO NOT's for finding a man

Money-saving expert and mother-of-two reveals how she cut her annual bills by $30,000 - as she shares simple tips to help YOU do the same... from avoiding eye-level groceries to using wool dryer balls 

Becky Guiles, from New York, quit her job to take care of her two young kids - but she and her husband soon found themselves in $35,000 worth of debt. After struggling to make ends meet, Becky decided to research ways in which she could save money - and was able to cut their yearly spending by $30,000. Now, she has shared some of the simple ways that helped her turn things around in a series of videos posted to her TikTok account. According to the mother, one of the main ways she has saved money is by reducing the amount of food that she wastes. She also encourages planning meals in advance and making a list of what you need before heading to the store, so you don't make unnecessary purchases. Other shopping tricks from Becky included not purchasing items that are on 'eye level' since those are normally the 'most expensive' and buying in bulk.

The first daughter of former President Donald Trump soaked up the sun with her loved ones while enjoying the holiday by lounging poolside at a friend's home, before taking a boat ride together.

Bridgit Kuenning-Pollpeter, a 41-year-old writer from Omaha, Nebraska, lost her vision in her early 20s after she caught an undisclosed viral infection. She married her husband, Ross Michael, 41, who is also blind, in 2006, and the two have welcomed two sons, named Declan, 10, and Duncan, five, together. While taking care of their boys without being able to see has its difficulties, the couple has come up with methods to keep track of them. They put bells on their ankles, use child harnesses, and do 'verbal and physical' checks on the kids every 10 minutes. Bridgit explained that she also uses her sense of hearing, explaining that if she ever notices a 'noise out of place' it can 'alert her' to something being wrong. Bridgit admitted that other moms and dads often question their 'ability to parent' - and some have even asked her if she's fit to be a mother.

Nature lovers from around the world have been taking to social media to share the unusual trees they have spotted, with BoredPanda collating the most bizarre.

Martin, 46, and Brooks, 56, exchanged vows in front of their family and friends, including some of her colleagues, at the New York Public Library on Saturday.

Britt Nicole, 23, from California, admitted herself into the ER due to stomach pain - and was stunned to find out she was actually pregnant and in labor.

Twins Dana and Juana Naser, 24, who are based between London and Jordan, say they look so much like their mother Sahar Darwazeh, 46, that strangers sometimes think they're siblings. The three women have gone viral after appearing in a TikTok video, with some claiming they struggle to tell the mother apart from her daughters.

Victor Weisanto caused a stir as he opened womenswear spring-summer 2023 at Paris Fashion Week. The young designer mixed almost transparent jumpsuits (left), slit mini-dresses (right) and even plaited hair (center). The designer who is a protégé of iconic fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, launched his label in 2020. Weinsanto's adventurous designs were inspired by fellow young designers as a 'declaration of love' to his generation.

Bored Panda has rounded up a selection of photos shared by social media users from around the world, and collated them into a gallery that will infuriate you.

Adam Perry, 37, from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, took to Twitter on September 14 to share two side-by-side photos of his preschool-age son posing for the camera.

TikTok user @dd_escapades detailed her terrifying account in a now-viral video, which has been viewed 8.9 million times.