Calling all home cooks! Ultra-stylish cookware brand Caraway launch mini versions of their bestselling ceramic coated pans TODAY (and they're more affordable than the full-size ones)

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If you're making eggs in the morning or you're cooking dinner for one, then getting a big pan out of the cupboard and washing it up can be a hassle.

A small pan is a workhorse than can be used for everything from making pasta to boiling bechamel sauce and now it's possible to do those smaller cooking tasks in style thanks toCaraway.

The mini Caraway sauce pan and the mini Caraway fry panwhich launch today, September 22, have the same professional-standard ceramic coated technology as the brand's regular pans and the same eco-friendly non-stick coating just in mini versions.

Caraway Mini Fry Pan 

Make cooking eggs and boiling pasta more beautiful in a ceramic coated mini pan by Caraway.

Available in eight stylish colors, the pans are stunning as well as super useful and durable.

The ceramic coating is non-stick, suitable for all hobs and ovens and safe to temperatures of 550 degrees Farenheit 

$85 Shop

The Caraway mini sauce pan and the mini fry pan have the same non-stick ceramic coating as the regular size pans, so you need less oil and they're better for the environment

And while there's no compromise on features, the prices are mini too with a mini fry pan starting at $85, which is a $10 saving on the regular fry pan's price. 

The pans' ceramic coating means that temperature heats up evenly up to an impressive 550 degrees Farenheit and both the mini fry pan and sauce pan can  be used in the oven as well as on all types of stove tops, just like all of Caraway's other cookware.

 But you don't even need to be a cook to appreciate how these pans look.

The Caraway minis are available in eight cute shades that you won't find on any other cookware brand's products. This is a pinky orange Perracotta

The colors add an extra luxe vibe as you won't find cookware in such eye-pleasing shades anywhere else. Currently, the minis are available in eight unique colorways.

Marigold gives sunflowers and bumblebee energy, while Sage gives meditating-in-a-field-of-grass vibes. There's also Cream if your kitchen is neutral and minimalist or Perracotta for some pastel pink vibes to cheer up cooking.

The mini Sage fry pan gives meditating-in-a-field-of-grass vibes, so you feel calm and zen as you cook

 Trying to be more healthy to make up for an indulgent summer? You'll find you can use less cooking oil as food just glides off the non-stick surface. 

The mineral-based ceramic that coats the Caraway lightweight aluminum cookware is free of the toxic chemicals PTFE’s and PFOA, which is even better for your health.

 And this non-stick coating is better for the planet, as Carway's ceramic releases up to 60 percent less CO2 emissions compared to traditional non-stick cookware. 

Cheer up your kitchen in all weathers with a marigold mini sauce pan that makes summer last all year round and put a smile on your face even before you've dished up dinner

At $85 for a fry pan and $105 for a suace pan and lid, these mini pans are an ideal housewarming or wedding gift as well as something that will make those dark fall and winter evenings more pleasuarable. 

You only have to use it a few times to save money on eating in restaurants or ordering takeout.

And in the unlikley event that you don't think your Caraway mini is the best piece of kitchenware you've ever owned, Caraway offer a 30-day no quibble money-back guarantee as well as a free one-year limited warranty. 


Caraway just launched mini versions of their bestselling ceramic coated fry and sauce pans today

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