Celebrity hair secrets revealed: Stylist Glen Coco shares the shampoo he recommends to A-list clients Megan Fox, Kourtney Kardashian, Sydney Sweeney and more

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If you’ve ever looked at the luscious, thick and shiny locks of Megan Fox, Kourtney Kardashian or Sydney Sweeney, you may have wondered what their hair secret is.

Celebrity hairstylist Glen Coco, who has tended to the tresses of all three of those stunning celebrities and many more, has let slip that he recommends one shampoo, conditioner and styling brand above all others ‚Äď the Augustinus Bader haircare range.

Augustinus Bader: The Shampoo And The Conditioner

Developed by scientific research, The Shampoo and The Conditioner contain  patented TCF8 technology, which is comprised of natural amino acids, high-grade vitamins and synthesized molecules naturally found in the body.

This means the formulas can target cells in the hair follicles, where healthy hair begins to form, going beyond just cleansing to actively create an optimal environment for repair and regrowth.

In clinical trials, users found more hairs, stronger strands and increased shine and smoothness by more than 200 percent. 


Developed by the team behind beauty industry insiders’ and beauty influencers’ favorite skin cream, Augustinus Bader’s The Shampoo and The Conditioner have been shown in Before and After photos to completely transform people’s hair. 

Find it difficult to grow your hair? Celebrity hairstylist Glen Coco says switching to the Augustinus Bader shampoo and conditioner will leave hair thicker and encourage growth

Thinning hair? Clinical trials on Augustinus Bader shampoo and conditioner proved they increased hair's shine, strength and thickness as well as hair count

Professor Augustinus Bader is a director and professor of applied stem cell biology and cell technology and all the haircare products have been scientifically developed to provide hair with the best possible conditions to grow by detoxifying the scalp nourishing hair follicles at the root.

Celebrity hairstylist Glen Coco says that it reduces the amount of hair that you lose, telling DailyMail.com: ‚ÄėSo many of my clients tell me that they see way less hair in their brush after switching to the Augustinus Bader Conditioner.

‚ÄėAfter one shampoo and conditioner with Augustinus Bader the scalp is clean, it‚Äôs nourished, it has minimal build up and it‚Äôs also addressing inflammation and reducing build up around the actual hair follicle.‚Äô

The Augustinus Bader haircare line works on all types of hair from curly to straight and will reduce frizz and enhance smoothness due to nourishing hair at the root of the follicle

Coco’s experience is backed up by clinical trials, in which The Shampoo was proven to increase strand thickness by 197 percent, increase hair smoothness by 277 percent and improve shine by 233 percent.

Meanwhile The Conditioner increases actual hair count by 20 percent as well as smoothness by 160 per cent and increase hair shine by 131 percent.

The scientific reason behind why this haircare line works different to others is that the formulas include  Augustinus Bader's patented TCF8 technology, which is comprised of natural amino acids, high-grade vitamins and synthesized molecules naturally found in the body.

For extra moisture and hydration, the Augustinus Bader Leave In Hair Treatment will make hair smoother and more manageable, according to online reviews

This means it's able to target cells in the hair follicles, where healthy hair begins to form, going beyond just cleansing to actively create an optimal environment for repair and regrowth. 

Let's take a closer look at five of the hero Augustinus Bader hair products to see what they can do. 

The Shampoo 

The Augustinus Bader TCF8 technology guides key nutrients and powerful natural ingredients to the scalp, follicles, and hair, creating and supporting an optimal environment for cellular renewal. This means thicker and healthier hair that also looks shinier.

In clinical trials, the shampoo increased hair smoothness by 297%, shine by 233% and increased strand thickness by 197%.

In user trials, 95% of testers agreed hair looks and feels renewed and restored and 91% said their hair volume had increased.


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The Conditioner 

 Would you love a little more shine? In user trials, 99% agreed The Conditioner made their hair more shiny which is almost a near perfect score.

It's designed to hydrates, detangle, smooth, and de-frizz hair while helping to strengthen and thicken strands - building volume and body. 

Clinical trial results are also excellent with hair shine increased by 131% and hair count increased by 20%, suggesting it can help with growth, volume and body.

You can also leave it on a little longer for more hydration and to protect hair against breakage and damage. 


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The Hair Oil 

  Lightweight and fast-absorbing, this oil soaks deeply into the hair to improve hair damaged by heat or over-styling.

It also helps to strengthen and thicken weak or brittle strands for silkier, fuller hair.

And if you suffer from frizz, this could help you get it under control and increase smoothness. In fact, in user trials 94% of testers agreed The Hair Oil reduced hair frizz. 

In clinical trials, The Hair Oil increased hair hydration by 87% and increased hair strength by 129%.


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The Leave-In Hair Treatment 

Protect your hair all day long, simply by leaving this in your hair after washing.

The ultra-nourishing and hydrating formula seals in nutrients and helps the hair retain moisture for silky locks.

If you suffer from a dry or flaky scalp, this will also relieve that as the treatment has soothing, fortifying, and anti-inflammatory properties.

It can even help you reduce styling time as 97% of the people in the user trial agreed hair feels easier to manage and style after use.


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The Scalp Treatment  

A healthy scalp is the key to full hair. If your scalp is not in great condition, hair is more prone to falling out.

This treatment refreshes, balances and soothes the scalp, returning it to its natural pH level and optimizing hair follicle function.

And even better is that your hair will also benefit as this powerful formula supports keratin and collagen production for improved hair structure and vigor.

In user trials, almost 90% said they'd seen hair growth after using it.


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Celebrity hair stylist and Augustinus Bader ambassador Glen Coco shares his secrets to thicker hair

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